How to make her want you more

hey guys it’s me cassia the world’s leading female a dating expert for men now how many times have you spoken to a girl that you like and you’ve decided not to pursue her or not to make a move based on the assumption that you’re just not her type for some reason you think or you feel or she’s given some sort of a signal that you are physically not her type honestly ask yourself now how many times that has happened now of course all our girls just like you guys have a set type what we look for physically and in terms of their characteristics however every single girl has dated slept with had a boyfriend who has not fitted that set type at all what she initially goes forward does not necessarily mean that that’s what she’s going to end up with now whenever you feel this whenever you’re talking to a girl for some reason you feel that you’re not her type let this come into your head game on this sentence is so empowering just very simple game on and this is because game will out much type every single time game is much stronger than what the girls initial type is so if a girl shows you lack of initial interest she’s not immediately attracted to you instantly attracted to you as which sometimes happens what is your reaction do you do what most guys do most guys will quit most guys will give up and what they’ll do is they’ll find excuses in order to keep their ego intact so they will say things often such as she’s only into white guys she’s only into black guys she’s only into rich guys she’s only into older men she’s only into younger guys she’s a lesbian anything you’ll find an excuse often to say this is her type and I don’t fit into that so that’s okay that’s fine but the problem with this is not only do not get the girl that you want because you’ve given up and you’ve decided that you know she goes for a guy which looks nothing like you or different social status to you or has a different job or who’s richer than you or shorter than you or taller than your a different color to you and also these kind of excuses keep you in your comfort so they stop you from perfecting your game they’re stopping from perfecting your technique now you might be saying to this if I’m not a ghost type why should I bother why do I need to prove myself to her that’s exactly how a guy who has no game thinks most guys will think that they need to somehow prove themselves if they’re not the girl’s initial type however if you have game if you have skill if you have technique you’ll realize that she is going to have to prove herself to you that’s how it works that’s difference this is how the guys on my team the pickup coaches on my team how they look at a situation they don’t look at it as they need to prove themselves they have to somehow be that girl’s type they have to be in line with her requirements they switch her around she has to prove herself to them it’s about game it’s not about type there’s something else you have to remember here women are usually not instantly attracted to a guy most women do not experience love at first sight they might claim that that was a situation but they’re just romanticizing what really happened the truth is most girls meet a guy they think is okay nothing special and then suddenly something starts changing in the interaction it could be a slow burner it could take maybe a few days but it usually will happen within the first hour or so so instant attraction is extremely rare and when it does happen and it’s happened to me it fizzles out very very quickly because when you meet someone you’re instantly attracts them because they happen to be exactly your type problem with that is that you build them up and you expect so much from them that anything that they do that is not congruent or not in line with this ideal you had of them is going to start sabotaging the little fantasy you’ve got going on there about them so instant attraction very rarely happens when it does it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have guaranteed success of the girl either and this is why on my courses my bootcamp our seven-day courses we never teach guys how to be a particular type guys who come to me I don’t teach them how to be exactly my type now I want to show something with you I have a type I go for a certain type of look and most of my boyfriends haven’t actually ended up looking like that set type that I have in my head in terms of characteristics I always say that I go for very intelligent men I like men to have strong political views I like men to be well educated and yet I’ve ended up with guys so I’ve been so attracted to that was so stupid they could barely spell their own name this happens all the time so many girls that will go out with a set ideal set type in their mind and end up going with guy who is nothing like that and this is because these guys have gained they have brilliance this is what I do I break down what those Naturals did because they were all Naturals they all head game I break it down and I pass it on a step-by-step format so I never try and make a guy become a type it’s impossible you can’t be everybody’s type and have a think for a moment yourself how many times have you met a girl and she’s been good-looking she’s fitted the requirements of what you’re looking for in terms of looks with a girl and she’s a nice personality but you don’t you’re not really attracted to her and there’s a girl that you know who is not the most beautiful girl she’s has unfortunately got habits or characteristics that are definitely not on your list of what you consider attractive but yet you’ve been really attracted to her this girl has gained you’ll put it down to her being sexy having a great personality having an energy chemistry but the truth is she has gained that’s all it is she has game game walk out match type every single time so what I do is I teach guys how not to be the girl’s type impossible I teach them how to perfect their game there’s one last thing that I want you to remember when a woman does end up with a guy who is not her type the attraction is always more intense is always stronger we love to get together and say but he’s just not my type I don’t know what I’m doing with this guy I never go for guys like this because then we start trying to romanticize it and say it must be chemistry it’s just meant to be we’ll come up with all these excuses to actually explain why we’re so attracted to this guy we won’t really be able to so instead we just use romantic excuses to why we’re so attracted to him so remember guys next time this happens I want you to always think game on if there’s any point where you think she might like taller guys knew she likes richer guys doesn’t matter I do have a type and how many times have I gone out with my type a few times fine but I’ve gone out with lots of guys who are not my type and so have millions and millions of girls out there so whenever you think she’s she likes a richer guy initially or a taller guy or a younger guy or an older guy I want you to not give up and I just want this lines come in your head game on so guys if you want to find out how to perfect your game without changing who you are you want to have gaming when I have techniques that congruent with your own personality check out my website visit

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