[Music] if you’re an introvert then you probably know how hard it is to find a date in this video we’re going to provide you with some strategies that you can use when it comes to dating number one pretend that you’re not strangers the over-excitement that can come from meeting someone new and trying to learn more about them can be less stressful by pretending that you’re ready close with this person as introverts we are easily aroused and stimulated our overthinking brains deconstruct and worry about every single detail from one moment to the next pretending or convincing yourself they already know this person may assist in halting and slowing down the process that can easily lead to introvert stimulation overloading if you think about it acting like you’ve known someone their whole life does give you an advantage number two plan create a list of topics or subjects that are important to you and questions that hold significance and their answers that you want to get out of the person you’re interested in in the event of an awkward pause or disruption in the flow of conversation you can draw on this pre-planned material to continue moving forward in your exploration number three be open there’s no harm in being upfront and honest being an extrovert is inarguably very different than being an extrovert certain aspects of arousal attention and language are specific to the way your mind works and it may be beneficial to attempt to explain the differences and how they hold lasting effects on your life and number four find a common ground science as an introverts process and construct language differently than extroverts introverts tend to use more explicit wording and descriptive language styles while extroverts can be more abstract in their languages that go around if it feels like your communication may be misinterpreted then keep in mind that language is diverse by nature focus on finding a topic or subject of interest that you and your partner can come together on if you’re unclear about something that’s been said clarify that information before moving forward in order to clear up gaps in language barriers and that’s all we’ve got for today’s video thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget just give it a big thumbs up comment below what you think and if you want to check out the other tips you can check out the full article which leave the link in the description below subscribe for videos every single Saturday you don’t want to miss next week’s video which is going to be six ways you may be preventing yourself from happiness all I like will be in description below or you can subscribe to me and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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