Dating Tips! (What Boys Should Know About Girls)

hey guys BLT and all my friends are guys and I’ve made some observations about men and women and I want to talk about those observations basically some things that I think boys need to know about girls if you think we look good and you like her hair or eyes tell us because women love compliments if a girl is upset and emotional do not blame it on PMS you will get your head chopped off it doesn’t matter if it’s the truth don’t go there if you were on a date with a girl and all sudden she gets kind of cold and distant she probably thinks or she did see you checking out another girl and you may think you’re really good and not getting caught I know she saw you guys if you just start dating a girl and she texts you and wants to hang out she’s probably having a good hair day she’s not needy she just feels like she looks good if you were going out on a first date with a girl don’t take it to a club or somewhere really noisy where you guys can’t talk because by the end of the night you’re still a stranger and she’s completely frustrated if you’re a guy and you’re a girlfriend and you were hitting on a girl that is a friend and the girls the friend knows that you have a girlfriend it’s not going to work guys then whole like gotta have one on deck before you step up to bat it’s never gonna happen US women like to change our hair color and our hair styles all the time and you say no for Joseph’s blonde isn’t helping because even if it looks bad we know it looks bad just like you know you gotta go through those weird awkward hair transitions with us women like to go shopping and if you decide you want to come along and then you complain the whole time about the fact that this is so boring bluh blah that’s our mental yoga don’t Phunk with our yoga guys women dress up for other women if we were dressing up for men you probably wear as little clothing as possible not a zillion bangle bracelets us girls are totally okay with three day rule that went on a date gonna wait three days contact her but waiting three weeks says I have nothing to do today so I guess I’ll contact you but maybe you just got busy and you forgot you’re like oh I really liked her in her mind she thinks you’re a player and she’s moved on making out as fun but making out for four hours is not fun even if you’re having a great time we get stubble burn rug burn on our face and we get make-out acne it sucks it may take us two hours to get ready but complaining about it ain’t going to change anything that’s why God invented black ops and laptops and cell phones to keep you busy we wear uncomfortable shoes because they make our legs look nice end of discussion do not make a girl feel guilty for buying a really nice purse and it might have been expensive but this is your flat screen I don’t know why but us girls we overanalyze everything every word you say so reassurance is really good like I really like you I’m having a great time you’re beautiful ding ding bonus points what do you guys think did I get right what did I miss is there anything that I didn’t say that you think that men should know or boys is there anything that you think women should know about you let’s open the discussion you know let’s get some let’s move I don’t know let’s just figure it out love you bye [Music]

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