tips on dating a transguy

what’s up guys so I get a lot of messages okay what’s up guys what’s up guys so I get a lot of messages and by the way you know what I was talking about about dating a trans guy or dating a trans guy I’m a trans guy and that’s a girl who is not who is trip not trans and today I’m going to give you tips on what it’s like to date a trans guy and how to respect them and all that great stuff because you know some people don’t know I might offend their boyfriend or the guy they like who’s trans or even their friend first thing of course it would not make you a lesbian if you’re dating a trans guy and a lot of people like to argue well you’re a trans guy and you’re not real guy trans men or men just for you now this for you is something that I can’t even explain myself but I know it is that’s the definition of it right there too if you want to know dysphoria is something that a lot trans people have and if something you really have to respect because you know that would be pretty fun I deal with it a decent amount in my life you just have to respect the bouncing there’s certain boundaries that we have as trans men and you respect them like yeah yeah I felt like two words woman she’s just here as because she looks good and I was bad so I was kidding now she’s understanding you have to be very understanding it’s kind of you’re both working together at it you know because you need someone who understands because we don’t and she’s going to be like well fuck you for not letting me do that for not respecting you and they don’t understand I shouldn’t be with you because at the end of the day it comes to respecting and understanding and that’s something she’s very good at what I was talking about your friend or your boyfriend don’t out him if he’s not out and I can’t explain that enough that’s really mean if he’s not out to anyone except for you and maybe his family and his friends don’t tell Sally that he’s trans because that’s rude like would you want someone going around telling you stuff about you that you don’t want people to know know what not to talk about in what to talk about so communication is key in a relationship you’re saying can I ask about blank if you’re thinking like can I ask about this or can I ask you about that it just all comes down to respect again it’s like they’re not comfortable with certain clothes Venetian ask them but if they’re open to questions then and they tell you that you can like if you sit down in your like hey Johnny is there ever a point that we can discuss some things that we’ve never discussed before and if you like no I’m comfortable with that respect it will take time to people open up about certain things in their life so if they’re not comfortable with it don’t ask it over and over again when they’re ready they will come and tell you about it if you do not want to date a trans person that does not make you an asshole and it does not make you transphobic I’ve seen people say stupid things like it’s discriminating and you don’t want to date someone who’s trans no it’s just a preference that you don’t prefer that’s like me not wanting to date tall girls it’s the same thing I do a dominant give you an example I’m tall I know you’re tall but it’s like if you don’t like short guys you’re not going to date a short guy most of the time you’ve said a lot this video proud I don’t know how to say yeah you’re taking over that’s what she said hahaha something she does a lot is remind me that I look handsomer that I look good or than my arms look good and stuff like that so that’s something that you should tell your boyfriend okay I think little things like that go a long way and then kind of like me today right yeah what’s so funny last but not least do you want your face stop sorry I lagged in real life when I come down to doing things in the bedroom with your trans dating person definitely need to discuss things before and I believe because if you are just like going for it um you might trigger them and definitely talk about it what they like what they’re comfortable with cuz people people like different things you know I think I’m going to leave and you can film the video all over again by yourself wait are you serious what’s up guys so make sure you give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below [Music]

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