Romantic Short Film –

yeah I like it let’s do the South they don’t never get the nude or their butts so Tory wants so degree are right date Faisal aza imperial crown booted was faso compadre Oh Casanova to the Vietnam imperial crown you cannot be hung snail gone steel top me hungry ah so cute Delaney [Music] because the city good evening are you ready to order superdude be having which soup do you recommend I recommend the broccoli element you know people I take the broth reality [Music] we have a broccoli onion soup and so when rocky havin soup and one tomato soup I must say that slavering choice what’s funny nothing so is this a first date ever yes nah not surely so some do something about it so I could not be hesitant about I never even answered artists I don’t know [Music] the filter that’s a good thing right I know one of the filtered version if you either so tell me whatever comes to your mind go on far away I am NOT additional the superficial details yeah they do better not asking my CPA no I mean all the ridiculous details like what is your favorite food what I am hobbies yeah like which is a favorite movie it’s all favorite color can you cook in which dating is you smoke Eugene are you a virgin huh probably not that one but heartily basic is equal judge Michael chuckling you need know to go on definitely so why do you want to be in a relationship said I do is it it quite obvious I don’t know say a part of my life in something special I kiss hmm okay so hypothetically you are in a relationship with a girl or towards hypothetical fit for that matter but go on now if you imagine this relationship as a saccade god yes a car who do you think drives Vika the boy the girl definitely not the girl Musa please unbirthday wait is this some sort of a test video Jake if I’m a sexist or not because I swear I’m not resist answer the question please honestly do not quite right connected only one person drives that he is bound to be tired so it is nice to have a backup driver two drivers on one journey just makes things much easier am I making any sense here so what you’re trying to say is both of them to drive it equally actually I’d rather have a car with two steering wheels I don’t know that would definitely cause accidents we don’t want that [Music] [Music] check please I met do you really believe what I said about the relationship car is this a trick question it was already said yes okay then today I want to drive it I don’t understand how this is a what and why would I let you do that why can’t I you can but but what do I not have the right to pay because I’m a girl is that why no but I can’t let you pay okay if we if you want to pay a riskless equal rights hmm the choice is either you pay all suitable that is a very male chauvinistic thing to say but why do you want to pay so bad because I want to reason at all just no reason for this reason tell me why it is just let it go no not really have to know because I [Music] I know that you are broke that you hold money from people to take me out on the stage and that’s very sweet of you to do this you know Rowan Gupta he is kind of my Raja terminada magda brother from another mother hold on so what you’re saying is he’s your best friend not surely you just said yes I said kind of what do you mean I mean he is my brother Sneha Gupta Rohan Gupta strike a chord good you kidding right how am I supposed to go then as the general thumb rule don’t borrow money from guys having the same last name is the girl you taking out does not eliminate half of the people I know and why didn’t he take me before then he was going to tell you what is the main to mediate a canal Joakim don’t worry is the coolest whatever he was the coolest brother ever because he’s so dead now was simply a matter of research from each IET why didn’t you tell me before do you know how scared I was scared why scare the bill of course may have tomato soup this is thisis this is at monkey order Quran or – maja broccoli almond super was any jackass but I be ever dumb keeping at it no sorrow piccolo well you suffered because Sonia zoomcar Lackey will Tommy Baker gay Will Smith Kanak I gave you a I admire the mugged me Madame la mousse OJ’s film is zero experience and licking music it resolved but that that on a date the guys are expected to pay and what the girls expected to do look pretty okay with arty with me um it’s a hope assets who made up high I didn’t tell you because it’s me embarrass like on a TV you’re doing a pretty good job doing that you don’t have to be embarrassed I paid today you can be the next time one journey two drivers remember right wait what so there is going to be next time please don’t I own that I paid hello Hannity yes it went well I also thanks for the money I’ll talk to you later bye you you

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