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[Music] [Music] hey what’s up guys welcome back to this week’s video this video is part of myself and Cruz’s lifestyle series today I’m going to talk about five life-changing dating tips these tips will not only make you a better date but they’ll make you more dateable the first tip that I have is be resourceful this is especially true on the first date because it’s so important to make a good first impression so always be resourceful and have a handy list of cool things to do or places to be in that way you can create a memorable experience element for your date but also for yourself and you’re going to feel good in the environment one thing I’d like to do is every time I discover a new place or you go somewhere cool I like the book market that way I can reference it later on and you’ll never run out of ideas with things to do or places to go to because the worst thing is when you go on a date and you guys are stuck there debating what you’re going to do take a look at my bookmarks and you guys will see what I mean like second lifestyle hack is very important because it will teach you how to restructure and retrain your perspective when it comes to dating I want you guys to realize you have options you are valuable your time is valuable anybody have time for bullshit there are so many amazing people in this world and you don’t want to isolate your chances of meeting an amazing person by just sticking to your comfort zone you want to expand your options you want to increase the odds of meeting an amazing person by as much as you can and the only way to do that is to truly understand that the world is your oyster so now that you understand how can you best capitalize on this revelation I’m going to tell you guys not Oh nope you know the website called match com but it’s perfect for people who value their time value their self-worth and we don’t have time to waste on meaningless relationships I think that the whole dating culture now it allows for a lot of these weird meaningless relationships to happen because it’s based on one swing one photo a brief profile description you don’t really get to know the real person behind that profile you are so much more than a profile photo and a bio line and that’s why I love matcom it really allows you to express yourself and find other people who are on the same page and who are deserving under time there’s nothing that can replace the feeling that you get when you finally meet somebody that has the same entrance of you what matches your personality and the way that matches setup allow for you to find those kind of people very easily after checking on match.com I really don’t like other dating apps because I just find them to be such a waste of time because you never really get to know the person it’s just based on a swipe people are so much more than that and that is what I love about matcom it truly allows you people to cultivate meaningful relationships with each other you never know you just might find that amazing person that you really connect with and just between us I may or may not have a profile in there so if you see me don’t be afraid to say hi just make sure that you’re talking to the real you because I’ll be holding a verification sign anyway if you guys want to check out that check home make sure you check the link in the more info box below because I hook you guys up with a free no commitment no pun intended trial membership on match.com it’s completely free so it can’t hurt to try it out and you may find someone that’s really amazing on there and if not it’s just fun to browse and check out who’s around so check the more goo box below for a free trial membership and let me know how it goes my third tips to be more dateable and to be a better day confident and hygiene I’m talking about smelling good making sure your breath is on point those things go a long way even if your outfit is wet or if your hair is not right confidence and hygiene you really can go a very long way now with that said doesn’t mean that your hair or your outfit or your general appearance doesn’t help it doesn’t matter because of course it does it does matter but I think people really underestimate how attractive confidence and good hygiene can be the next time you walk into a room try it out draw your shoulders back keep your head high walking with a smile and seeing experience how positively the room will react it’s a very powerful tool now confidence does mean being a loud douchebag or an asshole the most confident people aren’t the loudest remember you can learn how to develop a sense of ply confidence for yourself during your dates so you can maximize your date ability and become a better date and be more data if you haven’t seen my video how to be more attractive you guys should watch that video because I talked about how it’s not just about physical attraction it’s about so much more than that if however you’re having trouble with overcoming anxiety or just trouble being confident make sure you’re subscribed to this I’m going to have a really cool video that I’m about to put out I hope will be a very helpful video for you guys overcome that anxiety to be more confident it’s coming out either sometime this month or next month but look out for it because it will really help you that so that third set is a lead-in to my fourth life-changing bit and that is utilize the law of attraction it’s very simple learn how to put out the same energy then you want to receive from other people and you will be a much more dateable person you’ll be a better date you’ll be happier and have more success in your day if you put out a nervous energy guess what that’s what you’re going to get in a day is going to be very awkward if however you show a lot of genuine attention from curiosity for the other person you will get the same in return like big life-changing data just to keep it casual I mean that with everything from the clothing you choose to wear for this day to your demeanor the conversation during a date should be fun and light-hearted at the end of the date and you feel like they want more not mentally exhausted with heavy topics or with a serious topic and do the date on the weekday so that if it goes well you have the whole weekend to get to know each other keeping it casual makes everything no pressure is so much more relaxed and the vibe is nice and it just makes for the date so much better makes you a better date it makes you a more dateable person so definitely learn how to keep it casual at the same time though as casual as it is you should make your date feel as special as possible and let them be the center of attention at all times that means put away your phone don’t be checking other people out focus on your date and only your date just like how you guys are focusing on me right now and see what I mean about having our attention only on each other it only makes to the vibe to be much nicer hi guys that was this week’s video five life-changing tips on how to be more dateable and how to be a better date I hope you guys learned something try it out and let me know how it goes and make sure to leave a comment down below with whether you’re single or whether you’re dating I’ll be checking out the comments down below because I want to learn more about you guys and make sure you subscribe give the video a like and I will see you next week [Music] you [Music]

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