7 Dating Tips For Gun Nuts

do the sort I was just a Starbucks man and I met this chick she’s really cool really chill not crazy or anything like that yes she’s like a 9.5 on the scale yeah no I’m sure she’s she’s totally a girl she’s not a dude yes I’m positive man so um yeah I’m gonna be at your place in about five minutes and I need you to teach me how to cook because this chick basically invited herself over to my place and yes dude it’s yes I’m positive she’s not a man all right so obviously I was already cooking to dinner when you called got elk steak here got some potatoes meat and potatoes if she doesn’t like me potatoes so whooshing the visiting room no vegetarians people who don’t eat meat you know they think that eating meat is doing harm animals and they don’t approve of it I’m not I don’t want no you got to let her know that you’re ready for any situation one of the first things I do on a first date when somebody comes over here is I let them know they’re done stage throughout the house in case something happens while they’re here I mean a good example the old gun in the refrigerator I mean how do you a firefighter have a gun to the refrigerator Duke if somebody Kicks down the door right now how am I going to get past and boobs already raised a next thing you do is you have something queued up on the DVD so when she comes in I mean you know I’ve got some stuff here like Magpul dynamics yarder the tactical carbine a kay operator from Jaeger shooting mythology from Jaeger fighting rifle any of those would be winners right out of the gate just have it queued up on the DVD when the TV goes on it’s there if you think that’s over-the-top got Miami Vice way of the gun I mean those are like movies like real movies entertainment stuff so the other thing you should do is I made like I staged my tack bet I mean she needs to know you’re serious like you have a gun in the fridge it might not impress her it might not be cool no she might not think you’re ready enough she sees your tag best ready to go obviously she knows that you’re ready for anything so what I generally do is stage it in a place where I know she’s going to have to go I hang mine on the doorknob of the closet right in front of the toilet she didn’t have to go the bathroom at some point so she’ll see it and I’ll be like Nashville will be just there the other thing I do is you don’t want them to think that you’re one-trick pony like guns or all you do so somehow she’s got it to your knife collection somehow pulling the 44 Magnum by the refrigerator kind of both gives it all I still want the last weird so we both live in high-rises youichi needs to know that you’re ready for fire to obviously show the map outside in the hallway of how to get out of the building if she needs to be out of the building but there’s a fire right out the door you have like a rope system to get out your window right and another thing you can do it’s like have the Magpul calendar up on the wall it makes sure that she understands that women can be comfortable with guns under any circumstance right so that means that I’m just gonna go ahead and take care of this myself if you burn the 9.5 but you’re going to you can’t blame me I tried in this Victor Steakhouse I need a reservation for two just give me any time – ah perfect all right Thank You Victor Steakhouse I thought you said she doesn’t eat meat [Music]

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