Ammayi Tho Maatlaadaalante – Latest Telugu Romantic Short Film With English Subtitles

why are you so scared man….. Are you going to Kargil war? Naaah… Just going to propose a girl So, go to her & propose your love in one shot. All The Best… She has to be here by this time. Why isn’t she here? hi , can I know your name ? Why? Nothing, it was written Priya on this book. So, i thought this book belongs to you. yeah ! Its mine how did you get this ? I have stolen it from your classroom Is it? Why So? Wanted to talk to you Did you really have to steal my book, to talk to me
? We can directly approach a known girl… But to approach an unknown girl to get noticed…… For that did you really have to steal my book Hey sorry! You said that, you wanna talk something ? Want to tell you a word Whats that? I think you get angry once you hear that? So, what? You wont stop expressing even i gets angry. Carry on. I like u. I’m in love with you. What? Kidding? Does anyone joke like this? Does anyone propose like this? Else, shall i propose you by bending on my kneel & holding a rose flower in my hands Or else shall i propose by offering a coffee & a small gift in the end How ever or where ever I say ,the feeling will b same Love doesn’t Change by place or projection Ofcourse, feel wont be changed. But how come i accept your proposal without knowing you I have a belief that you were born for me Belief? This is the first time you are talking to me. I liked you in first sight when i saw you in college…. After that i feel in love with you & now i’m crazy about you. Really …..! What next? You are my life You really love me ? Will you die if i reject your proposal? Do we tear our pockets if u don’t have money, we will earn and fill it. In the same way will win your heart & keep you in my heart for ever. There are many girls beautiful than me in this college . But, why do you love me? We can find beautiful girls every where….. We cant find girls with beautiful heart every where… But girls like you with beauty & beautiful heart are rare So, that is why i love you We have many girls all over the world with same qualities…. But you are my world….. I don’t have any opinion on love, so how can i love you… Interests depends on us & love depends on heart which happens without knowing…. So, every girl will fall in love on one fine day…. No chance at all. I will be flying to America in the next week… One week means we have 7 days ,168 hours,10080 mins ,608400 seconds 1 second is enough to fall in love it takes two seconds to say I love u but how can it take 1sec to feel the love ? Can I say you one thing .Its the feeling it may happen at any moment Saying is easy but following is difficult I can tolerate any pain for you Hey…i know that you are feeling my love…. Is it? Then feel it….. Heyyy…Don’t you wanna know my name? It’s written as Karthik on the book. May be its your’s…. How did you get my book? You had stolen my book…In the same way i have stolen your book…. OMG…Girls are crazy…… You said you are leaving to America ? You said that you will keep me in your heart? Ohhhhh….What should i do my life now? Your life is with me now….. Bla Bla Bla Blaaa

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