Frugal Dating Tips

how’s it goin everybody does this be the push today I’m going to go over nine frugal dating tips before I begin don’t forget to subscribe to my channel down below and click that Bell icon next to the subscribe button so that you get a notification whenever I upload a brand new video the first frugal dating tip is to know how much the guy should pay versus the girl the Division of who pays depends on the culture Harvard the guy should generally pay on the first date and if the girl insists heavily on maybe splitting the cost then you should allow her to do so American nice people tend to go for a 60/40 split all the way up to a 100 to zero split between a guy and a girl now there’s a large variation here and I talk to multiple girls everyone has their own preference so you really just have to feel it out on what people expect under Americanized asian tends to lean towards a more of the guy playing all the way up to 100 to zero split of course all this depends on what the guy and the girl is used to but certainly definitely not a 50/50 down the middle split because if you get a check that is something and 76 cents if you split it right down the middle then this is definitely that no-no for all cultures in all instances the thick improvable typical dating is that you pretty much cannot save all that much money while you’re dating the reasoning behind it is because when you’re dating you’re trying to show that you’re financially responsible and that you can actually support someone if you try to shave pennies left and right girls hate this and you’re going to end up finding yourself with no date at all the best thing you can do is find a girl who is frugal as well you can pretty much tell if a girl is real or not on the first day because she would actually try to save you money the third frugal tip is to think about the value you get out of certain activities oftentimes free means low value but not all the time so you really have to notice the free stuff that is also low value what do I mean by this for example if you go to a beach that has a shopping area and you walk on it yes going to the shopping area is definitely free but if all you do is go to this Beach and shop around and window-shop and you don’t really buy anything this would be considered really really cheap because you just brought a day to somewhere you didn’t even spend a dime however if you brought your day to a shopping area look around you have a good time and then maybe you go get ice cream you get you know other things just to kind of package it too altogether so that it feels cohesive then this is actually a plus and it’s not that expensive another example is that going to a free admission place is actually really cheap if you only go to a free admission place and only do that by itself then it would be a really really cheap date and this is very noticeable you walk in Oh free admission you just walked in and everybody else is walking in the girl will know that well nothing was spent on this particular day if you want to make it a little bit more special you can go to this free admission place and bring a picnic basket or something bring some food and then this in itself would also look like you know a positive you could go hiking for free of course but if this is all that you do every single day then it’s going to look as if Wow you know this guy is never spending any money at all so then this would actually look really bad the fourth tip is I would highly recommend to not go for fast food or really really fancy restaurants at all the main reason with no fast food is basically it’s not very healthy for you at all plus you want to show that you are financially responsible enough and able to at least afford a sit-down meal instead of a fast-food meal and the reasons we’re not going to fancy meals is because you do not want to impress the person based on this fancy meal itself it’s kind of like leading your day on to thinking that oh yeah the rest of these days it’s going to be really really fancy all the time if you start off with really fancy dates then the expectations is going to be like oh how come these Knick States or lat like the taquito place or something the type of even mid-level restaurant can vary from 10 to 50 dollars per person which ones you go to really depends on what’s normal between you and your date all in all save they’re really cheap stuff and the really fancy stuff for later and just go somewhere in-between the fifth Bruegel dating tip is to avoid coupons altogether at least in the first five days using a coupon on the first date looks really really bad unless of course if the girl wants to use the coupon and they’re the one that brings it out in this case in my ax turn the guy off so you really have to proceed with caution with trying to use a coupon my recommendation is to not use it at all and if you have a coupon for someplace just don’t go to a restaurant so that you won’t feel bad about going to a restaurant without using the coupon just go to somewhere else that does not have a coupon at all the fix roogle tip is that advance payment vouchers for some restaurant or something does not count as a coupon you pre paid for this voucher so you should be able to allow to use it without feeling any guilt an example is prepaid movie tickets you can easily go to a movie use these prepaid vouchers and get a good deal on your movie tickets when you’re buying these tickets you just hand it over these are really quick transactions and likely people will even notice vii Bruegel tip is you can use credit cards that has a high percentage cashback for example restaurants or movie tickets right now I think chase freedom has 5% cash back on that this quarter you can use all these cash back credit cards all you want but it’s best not to brag about it how many percentage you’re getting back as you’re using the card if the topic comes up of cash back sure you can talk about it but every time you pay it don’t go haha look at I’m getting 5% 10% awesome the a frugal tip is sometimes you may get high value items for free I’ve gotten free expensive dinners free admission to expensive places free tickets to various places and it’s okay to bring a date to these things because these do not appear as if you are going to a free admission place where the value is low these are actually high value things that you’re doing because it would have costed $100 or the concert tickets would have costed $100 each so these are perfectly okay to use even on the first date the 9th Rugal tip is that if you’re comfortable to start sharing food you may also consider sharing plates of food as well maybe one entree for two people this only works if you go to a restaurant that has a really really large portions or maybe if you ate an early lunch and you’re eating early dinner again for some reason then you might want to order an entree and you split it and this is completely reasonable because both of you are not that hungry you’re just going to a place just so that you have somewhere to sit chat over food and stuff with the money safe when you split something you can actually go to a dessert place or some other place you know just couple more places just added on top just because you save more money you can just kind of even it up by going to more places and it will be all that much more enjoyable I hope you guys enjoyed these frugal dating tips remember I’m not a dating expert or anything but these are just based on my personal experience and what works for me don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you have any more frugal dating tips if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to check out my all the link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook probably on dating and if you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before the subscription expires you don’t have to pay a thing if you do this and 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