How To Get A Guy To Approach You [Dating Tips]

hey it’s mark here founder of making yours and creator of find love in five steps today we are discussing one of my favorite things to see a woman master it is the fine art of how to get a guy to approach you you’re going to love and stay tuned you all right welcome to the video thanks for tuning in today we are discussing the fine art of how to get the guy you want to approach you so I do live workshops where I coach this and a really excited to show this to you today now first lesson in getting a guide to approach you is really important you have to initiate the interaction now right now you’re probably like why why do you say what so yes I did say that you have to initiate with the guy so let me explain here’s a statement I hear a lot from women guys never approach me I just get the drunks or the creepers if you’ve found yourself making the statement before then you have fallen victim to the myth that men are the ones who initiate interactions you’re waiting for it to happen and it won’t because you haven’t yet made it happen now what do I mean by initiating so I don’t mean that you have to walk over and start the conversation with the guy so you can do that what I mean is you have to initiate by giving him the nonverbal signals and making yourself seem approachable so there’s a second thing I hear a lot from women and that is if he doesn’t have the gonads to approach me he doesn’t deserve me I hear that a lot right and it’s wrong you see men evolved their psychology not in the last 500 years but in the last 500 thousand years now during this time we all lived in tribes of say between 50 and 150 people now why is this important well if there’s only an average of hundred people in a tribe then there’s only average of say 50 women and once you take out the ones who are too old too young too sick or taken by other men that maybe leaves ten women at the most that one man has to approach in his whole life his whole life that’s that’s all the options he had so if he went and approached that woman and made a fool of himself she would tell her friends and her friends were all the women in that tribe right all the women that guy would meet for life now think he’s a loser and so approaching a woman over all this time became a life or death issue so the men that survived were the ones who learned fear to hold back a little bit and pick their moments that’s why if you ask a guy today what’s scarier between a protein group of women or walking along the edge of a cliff most men would say to women and that’s why men have evolved this hesitancy in approaching you because when you think about today it kind of makes no sense if he approach 50 women and 40 women didn’t like him he’d still have ten women right so it would make a lot of sense to do that and yet men don’t do that and so this is why you can’t say if he doesn’t have the gonads to approach me he doesn’t deserve me because there’s lots of awesome kind-hearted guys out there who’d make great partners but they won’t approach you unless you initiate them to do so so if you don’t initiate you’ll end up being the one that says guys never approach me I just get the drunks or the creepers because they’re the only guys that will approach uninvited if you don’t initiate your art form therefore as a woman is to get him to believe that his chances of success are high enough that he should get over his fear now this might sound like a lot of work but he’s still the one that has to walk over to you right so the least you can do is help him out a little bit okay so how do you initiate how do you make yourself more approachable what are the nonverbal signs you can use so this is where you want to bring in your floating tools your best initiation flirting tools and the first most obvious one is your eyes now in dating most women under use their eyes especially when it comes to initiating with men so depending on the situation you usually have to hold eye contact for two to four seconds straight often-repeated for you know a couple times over over ten five to ten minutes so that’s that you’re like one two three four it’s a lot of eye contact right repeated two to three times you’re probably going to feel desperate or even we’re doing that but I promise you you’re not this is just how clueless men are you have to make it that kind of obvious and number two you also have to smile at him so if you just stare down at him that’s just scary right you may think you want to kill him you may think you hate him but who knows remember your goal is to make yourself approachable and that’s exactly what how when you smile the other initiating tool that you want to consider is your energy and this gets communicated so many ways you know through the openness of your body language towards him through your expressiveness in what you’re saying to your friends and just how positive and inviting you know all your interactions are with other people around all those things will add up to make you seem really inviting to talk to for a guy so when you combine a smile eye contact and a positive kind of inviting energy any man is going to get the message straight that you want him to come over and me being able to invite a guy over to you anytime day or night when you know perhaps there is more physically beautiful women around you and that guy only has eyes for you and he comes straight over to you while they watch that is a cool thing to be able to do right I love coaching in my workshops and look that’s it for the video today thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed if there’s topics interested you and you’d love to learn more as I said in my intro it’s one of the favorite things I love to coach hit up the coaching page I’ll pop it in the description make him yours calm thought IU forward slash coaching don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up subscribe to channel if you haven’t already and make sure you leave a comment below I’ll see you very soon

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