Online Dating Tips For Women: 6 Things I Learned About Online Dating and Tinder

[Music] what’s going on everybody it’s a favorite dating coach Elias sky first off I just want to say if you’re if you’re a guy and I know I’m talk about myself here but if you’re a guy who’s over 22 and you’re wearing Hollister don’t first off don’t trust them secondly he’s not going anywhere okay I bought this because I thought it was cheap as hell it’s a nice like a North Face kind of jacket was cheap as hell I got it from Black Friday don’t hate don’t judge okay just just I might I might have to cover it with something eventually but as you can see by the title below we’re going to talk about six things I have learned from the online dating world okay this is tinder this is any app any any job item say social media to a little bit if you guy just calls you our pit or it likes you out of nowhere or friends you have know where this is from OkCupid plenty of finished match all these sites okay these are things I used to do these are things I have learned and these are things that women time and time again tell me I mean I’ve been doing this for a long time okay and about 75% of my wimp out of my women my ladies said if I percent of my clients are you know having problems with guys online like they come to me because of something from online if it’s tender OkCupid whatever okay so I so I would say I have a pretty accurate understand again and I’m a guy from online dating I used to be that you know the prick that I always talk about my videos so I know where a guy is coming from when it comes to online dating I know what I’m talking about okay and I have six things okay you can make me say three or four so I’m going to put the first three together and that’s the chances are against you guys for most part we only look for one thing and three you have a lot of competition I’m putting those all together because here’s the thing but you know the first the second third one kind of have to do it the first one the chances are against you you know let’s just say you do find a decent guy well if he’s a decent guy I think because your competition so large because you have a catalogue of the guy has a catalogue of women in the palm of his hand and if he’s a great guy I think a lot of women are go after him and a lot of these women are obviously talking about putting their best pictures off you talking them up to see what’s the best option again it’s very easy for a guy to just go up and you know if it was think of it as the real world right and the world world a guy just won’t go up and talk to all these women he hasn’t had the balls to do it he doesn’t have the cojones right I think that’s balls but he doesn’t have the cojones you know he doesn’t go up to all these women so you don’t have the competition really and a lot of women aren’t gonna go up to all these guys that’s just how it is okay it happens but not as often as online you know so not only do you have more competition but it’s more likely he’s more he’s going to talk to more people just because that’s the way of online dating so you know let’s just say if you did meet a good guy you had that obstacle but on top of that you first have to find the good guy which I say is a very you know 90% chance you’re not gonna find them okay I always tell them you’re gonna have to go through a lot of downs a lot of f ups a lot of screw ups a lot of you know mishaps to find a good guy online a lot of heartbreaks okay that’s just how it is sorry okay so number four I call this copy and paste this is something I used to do there’s something a lot of women tell me to think guys do and they’re right guys do do it and it’s where a guy writes a line again cuz he just wants to go through the numbers right he just wants to go through all the women bam bam bam bam bam it’s a number literally when you’re all dating itself as a numbers game right you you’ll go through so many people until you succeed you know and you only need to succeed once you know then well pretty much let’s say marriage is the city you know the final deal you know I know we have divorce but just take that aside you only really needed to succeed once with somebody in order to you know succeed with relationships now don’t take that literally you know what I mean though but it’s a numbers game so he’s gonna go through all these women and the fastest way to do it is to copy and paste I used to do I should say hey what’s going on what’s up or hey you know exclamation point what’s off what’s going on how are you but you know quite whatever right copy then paste oh this girl’s cute Riaan reader profile do you read a profile right she’s cute BAM pace BAM paced BAM paste BAM pace Oh copy pace all day every day guys do it – okay so make sure that if it sounds generic it’s it’s because it is and he said the exact same thing – probably a hundred other women and that’s your first sign listen to your gut Li’s that’s your first sign this guy’s a no-go that is not gonna go the way it is just listen to your gut for crying effing out loud don’t think well maybe this could be different or I’m gonna give this guy the benefit of the doubt you all give guys has been of benefit of the doubt seat and look what happens okay don’t do it I’m telling you right now don’t do it seriously number five is thirty minutes or more away from each other like distance-wise and this I read that statistically I dealt with this myself and a lot of clients I keep tabs these kind of things like when the client tells me oh we live extra mile away or we live this or that okay I calculate all that okay again the book of romance has everything in it ladies everything okay I got some highlights shit up boom I guess some things highlighted up in this bitch so I know what’s going on but listen so even without all that statistically I read that a relationship that has 30 percent or 30 minutes or more travel time you know long distance it’s not gonna work they said statistically it’s against you so right there right and I know I know how this shit works when you’re online dating you you put that oh this guy’s 10ms wait 20 minutes 30 minutes an hour away right because you’re not liking your options of ten minutes away so you see oh great the 30 minutes you’re not liking your options of people 30 minutes away so you try to you know expand the radius to a 45 out you know an hour away and let me tell you something man it doesn’t work like that when you’re after 30 minutes it be always say it becomes a hassle it becomes an obligation and it becomes a chore you can’t see the guy all the time you or you have to dry 30 minutes there 30 minutes back if the guy is busy what she always using the excuse that I’m busy you’re only giving it more of excuse I can’t make the drive tonight babe you know that’s an hour I got you know see hey you know guys you always use this shoes on busy or work this work that don’t give them the damn excuse okay simple as that and finally women make it while both sexes do I’m talking to women they make it a priority they make online dating their primary or the priority you know their ultimate way of meeting guys you do it over real life you do it could again same reason guys are the things they do same reason they copy and paste same reason ater you look at your profile adjust look at you convenience it’s all about convenience and ladies do the same thing they they will use online dating because they don’t want to talk to a guy in person they’re afraid you know guys don’t come up to them they don’t go up to guys they don’t have you know all all these excuses okay and I feel like when that starts happening and you start using online dating as a primary source you’re doomed to fail I just think about it if your primary way to meet guys is online and online is one the worst ways of meeting men now quote quantity wise it’s alright because against the catalog quality wise not so much so just think about if that’s your prime Manoj Akira logic ladies if that’s your primary way to meet guys you’re gonna have a lot of heart breaks because of the nature of online dating and tinder do you really think guys read your profile if he does read your profile spike because you’re really hot and or he’s really try to get in your pants he’s trying to make it sound authentic as possible for the most part seriously that’s how bad it is okay so that being said ladies there’s I can say five there’s my six things listen to them let a let them go in that year soak it up understand it there you go I love you take care and peace

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