Writing Fiction & Poetry : How to Write a Romantic Love Poem

so you want to write a romantic love poem well why are you writing it if you’re writing it because you want to get published that’s a whole other set of problems I’m here to tell you how to write it to someone you love first stop worrying you already know in some way what you want to say it doesn’t have to rhyme it doesn’t have to have a regular meter to it what it has to be is honest but you don’t just want to say I love you I love you I love you I love you that’s boring it’s honest but it’s boring so what you want to do is you want to find an image find some image that explores your love or that you can compare your beloved to and explore that image expand on it deepen the expression of your own emotions my favorite love poem is by Shakespeare of course sonnet 18 shall I compare thee to a summers day thou art more lovely and more temperate rough winds do shake the Darling Buds of May and summers lease hath all too short a date he is comparing his beloved with a summers day and through the poem what he is comparing his beloved with expands a summer’s day the entire month of May the entire season and eventually with all of time the conclusion of the poem is that the poem and his love are greater even than the Eternity of time so he takes this small comparison and he explores it and he expands it and it becomes well one of the greatest love poems ever written yours may not be the greatest ever written but if you are honest and you find your image your gimmick and go at it and look for the truth it will be successful

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