10 Amazing First Date Ideas for Teenagers

heya playas if you followed my other gaming videos and asked out your crush then you might be wondering what you should be doing with them on your first date I’m going to share with you 10 amazing first date ideas for every situation you might encounter that’s coming up right after this just so you might be thinking what’s a good first-date idea that’s gonna impress them that’s the problem right there if your outlook and attitude completely suck then no matter what you’re doing your date is gonna suck a first date should be all about getting to know someone that’s the only way you’re gonna see whether or not you guys have something more than just physical attraction with each other date idea number one go for a walk this is a highly underrated idea because most people think going for a walk seems kind of boring but that’s completely wrong a wall doesn’t lock you into a set amount of time from the date you can virtually do it anywhere and it allows you to lead into the nine other first date ideas date idea number two enjoy nature this could be in a park at a beach by a lake or anywhere else that nature is just beautiful the two of you can enjoy a sunset or go stargazing nature is your number one wingman date idea number three ghosts or hopping going into a store like Barnes and Nobles or any clothing store can open you up to a world of possibilities you could play a game and send each other out on a mission to go find books with the weirdest titles or you can just let loose and be silly put on a bunch of random sunglasses hats and other random clothing items you could find data idea number four play board games board games are so different from video games because there’s that real-life physical element to it that you just can’t mimic with the video game plus it lets you be competitive with your date which is a great way to build attraction date idea number five do arts and crafts this idea requires minimal effort but I can guarantee that whatever you choose to do will be a unique experience work together on a drawing finish a puzzle or just design picture frames with them the possibilities are endless date idea number six attend a free live event with the power of the Internet you can find something going on anywhere not every event will be all ages but you can definitely find tons of free art shows music festivals and other activities going on all year round plus the more local it is the more personal the date will be data idea number seven show off a secret spot take them to your rooftop a high hill or somewhere else that you can showoff an awesome sight to see tell them it’s your spot and that you rarely bring other people there that way things start to progress it’ll be a place that both of you can enjoy together date idea number eight be active invite the amount for frisbee bowling rollerblading or any other physical activity some people enjoy things like that some people don’t but if they do it’ll definitely be a great way for the two of you to form a friendly bond date idea number nine make food together you don’t have to be the best chef in the world just the simple fact that the two of you are cooking together makes it a joint activity plus it’s not only a good way to save money but it lets you see how good of a cook they really are and date idea number 10 go out and get something to eat now the reason this is the last one on the list is because it’s the most standard option that people take while food is great it can sometimes be expensive and force you to spend more time with the person than you really want to if you do end up getting food go make it something light and easy you’re on your first date and you’re just trying to get to know each other there’s no reason to order appetizers drinks entrees and desserts what do you guys think though what are some of the awesome first dates you’ve been on or first date ideas that you have leave them in the comments section below so we can talk about it the key to an awesome first date is to make them feel comfortable don’t worry about impressing them if you can make them smile and feel relaxed then you’ll have a much better chance at getting a second date as always guys love and peace hey thanks for watching if you’re new to the channel make sure to hit the subscribe button below I make new videos every week on a range of different topics including Self Help dating philosophy and more plus if you want exclusive stories and tips that I don’t share my videos make sure to sign up for the Josh speaks newsletter the link will be in the description below

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