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today we’re going to talk about boys because who doesn’t like talking about boys honestly I’m going to vent Jia and if you like on Chelsea fence make sure to give it a thumbs up do it right now before I even vent because you know you want to I would wink at you if it could so basically I know a lot of you guys know that I’m a Christian and that faith is like a big thing that I look for in a person and I in the past two years that’s where I’m going to start off with this I had gone through I guess just insecurities I didn’t even realize that I had and I kind of like to fulfill those with just attention from guys and I don’t I wouldn’t consider myself a girl that needs attention from guys all the time or that like really craves that but I find that I really just enjoy like having guy friend I think I’m just an overall friendly person so I think there is a difference between being friendly and flirting junior year I I was taking a guy home from school and he’s just a really great friend and I thought like I could influence him in a good way and I didn’t really know much about him but I knew that he like lived close to me and that he needed a ride home so I started taking him home and I just started to realize that I started to feel like I had feelings for him and I knew that probably wasn’t a good things like I had like a bad feeling about it just because he didn’t have the same like beliefs or morals that I did and that’s a big thing to me but I kind of ignored that and my family and everyone around me was just like tulsi what are you doing like this is not it use is not your type of dude and I know I shoulda listened to him but I think I was coming through a phase or I was just like you know was anyone like I just want to do what I do I just want to do my own thing and so I didn’t do anything bad in that relationship that I really regret I just I regret not listening to the people around me I really do think that the people around you can see from the outside of a situation see that it’s not good but in a way I’m also thankful that that happened because anything that you go through in life if you take it as an experience it’s something that you learned from then that’s a good thing so I’m happy for that and I’m happy that that happened and that guy was a really great guy and I really wish that he did have the same morals and beliefs and everything that I do but people are different and you normally need to go for people who already have those same things like you before they meet you because I don’t really believe in that you can truly change a person I think everyone pretty much goes back to the same ways that they’ve always known or believed dinner was raised up in so that was that that was that last year then here and there I just kind of talked to some different guys and I started to realize like what I like personality wise and people and just that each guy that I started to talk to or whatever that I started to get to know got better like I progressively got better at talking to guys in terms of like how some where they were to me and not being someone that was the complete opposite as I was and so this past summer I met a guy too that I wouldn’t say that I dated at all but I definitely was attracted to him and I had interest in him but again he did not have the same like lifestyle or things that I wanted in a person that would push me to be a better person because I really think that’s what relationships are they should push you to be a better person so I talked to that guy a little bit and then like he just lived really far away it was complicated and he had some things on and so uh that kind of ended and I think that I’m so like I don’t know like I think I’m out still getting over that a little bit but I don’t really know I don’t really think I am I think I’m fine like cuz that wasn’t really a relationship for anything but it was definitely someone that I talked to you for a while and then recently uh I just felt God telling me like Chelsea what are you doing like you’re not dating guys that you say that oh you want this husband that is just going after me and that really has your best interest and that’s a gentleman and that’s treats you right respects you and I’ve never talked to or dated a guy that ever did that for me or like I had never dated any guy in my youth group that I’d like a really good friends with just cuz I don’t want to ruin that friendship and I don’t know I just never felt like any guy had pursued me from their youth group and so there was this guy recently that like mentioned me on Facebook and he was like a friend of my friends and he seemed really sweet and even after I God told me like Chelsea I think you just need to be single for a while because I really feel like God gives me like feelings and he speaks to me in that way like through people however he uses himself and so basically I think I just wanted to get to know this guy and we had her first date and this is really recent and it worked Lee were all it was like the best first date I’ve ever had and he was like a gentleman he opened doors for me and he just everything he’s just like everything I could wish for the guy and he was definitely after gums heart even now that I feel like I’ve found a guy that seems like someone that I would want to date and someone that I could see myself like a person like someone I would be marrying in the future or if that led to that I’m not saying that maybe this guy after first say oh my gosh but even after that and after I finally feel like I’ve talked to a guy that is someone that is decent not like a jerk that doesn’t respect me and thinks that I’m not the prize because girls we are the prize all right and I just still feel like God saying Tulsi you’ve spent time with me you need to get to know me more because whenever I was talking to these guys the previous junior year and even this first part of my senior year I neglect God like I use guys and their attention and the way that they make me feel like as I rip as a replacement but it definitely spend more time than I do with God and that just really like knocks on my heart and I still have this feeling like that Chelsey you just really need to give it to me and pray for the right guy and like really just fall in love with my word and everything and so it really just stinks because I feel like I want to get to know this guy and everything but gods like telling me not to like not to lead someone on everything so there’s that I feel like I’ve been to do you guys and that feels really really great but I’m just I want to encourage you guys if you feel like your parents who have your best interest or your friends are telling you like Chelsea this relationship is not better thing at you in any way yes it may make you feel good inside and this person might be giving you a lot of attention but walk out of it if it’s not bettering you as a person and you’re using them as like your happiness and if you’re a person of faith if they’re not bringing you closer to God that is so important like even after like one date with this guy like I realized that this is the type of guy that you start dating I need to say goodbye to all those jerks that don’t treat me right you know if you don’t if you’re into time in your life where you’re just kind of like rebellious you don’t know listen to your parents and all that type of stuff then then just just ask God like god I really cannot stand when someone tells me what to do and I really am just annoyed with my parents and my friends and the only thing that seems right right now is this guy because he just seems right he feels right but he’s probably not if everyone around you saying no like odds are probably not the right guy for you even if you don’t realize it right now and we’re really young like I always think I’m gonna be forever alone I’m always going to be single and everything but my problem has been that I’ve been dating the wrong people and I haven’t given myself time to get closer to God and I haven’t given myself time to just be happy with myself and who I am and I don’t need guys validation I don’t need guys to tell me anything about myself because I should already be confident about every part of me because I’ve made by God and so yeah I’m just I feel like I’m growing up a lot I feel like I’m realizing a lot of things and I just don’t want to waste any more time anymore because time wasted is time away from God and that just kills me like I’ve spent so much time trying to invest myself and guys that just giving me attention and that are attractive and everything and I just feel like I feel God but the good thing about that is you can always just a relationship with him it’s like just going to him and be like god I screwed up again yes I screwed up and I’m always gonna screw up but I want to make myself better and I’m learning from this and thank you for letting me see the other side of this because if I didn’t then I would just still be stuck in this cycle and I feel like I’m having a breakthrough and even though like God wants me to be single I’m glad that I finally like met a gentleman to show me like even if he’s not the one that there’s gonna be a guy out there something that’s going to take my hand and then I’m gonna fall in love with you know so yeah I hope you learn something from this or you want to share any of your experiences down below I just want to encourage you guys to surround yourself with good people and take this advice to heart it’s something that I learned and something I want don’t want you guys going through so I’m always here for you guys and I always love your guys’s comments and the fact that you thumbs up these videos because it just you guys have no idea how much even just a thumbs-up means to me like I just I love hearing that feedback so thank you guys and I love you so much and let me know any more subjects or videos or Vince sessions you want me to have because I’ll definitely do them love y’all and I will see you in my next video judges

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