Dating: Teens Vs. Adults

okay so I borrowed my brother’s car I don’t have soccer patterns feel I got another 40 minutes so we could probably go up to the hill like make out 4:30 okay yeah yeah you want to go make out inside yeah cool what do we need all have a savings account are you a cow piggy bank everyone cow yeah I have three hundred dollars worth of pennies in there I can’t believe your snapchat friends with her it’s not a big deal we have like a three or four-day snapchat street it’s not a big deal it’s just a couple days I know we only like known each other for like three weeks I think I love you oh my god I love you too okay bye I love you oh she’s a condo two dogs a dull boardroom and she has a savings account do you have a savings account several really yeah so he’s like really cute not so much in pictures but like this one picture come on please uh 1002 10 o’clock yeah I have to work in the morning oh you’re the chef yeah you’re right okay sir okay just talk about your prep your plan no political talk don’t mention your homicides ago okay cool what’s your mom’s name Lind okay wait wait you’re doesn’t get you that thing we rock he cleans his gun right no but I told you to wear a polo flannels like same thing out at the collar right [Music] you [Music]

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