Teen Guys Advice For Teen Girls♡

hey guys so I am with Joey Max and Brandon and I lined them so they went through their grades like good like youngest to oldest so I would be the question a scanner asker today we’re going to be doing guy’s advice for girls video and I’m going to be asking questions and we’re gonna start from the youngest so we have Joey who’s going into seventh grade Max is going into 10th grade he is going seventh grader sophomore junior yeah we’re gonna get started and for all the younger viewers you can just listen Joey older viewers can listen to you guys like shy or outgoing girls outgoing are doing blah I say maybe shag knows how can you tell if a guy likes you like what would you do it to make a girl know you like her make a wife have a good time with it yeah I say make your laugh what’s the first thing you look for in a girl personality or mine yeah blondes or brunettes damn it’s a good question yeah um probably blondes it doesn’t matter yeah yeah doesn’t really matter yeah okay how do boys act around their crush kind of castles um some guys here yeah I can’t bear another night Oh me I act like an idiot sometimes question yoga pants or GU Oh yoga yoga man short or tall girls you don’t have to say oh I say starting from Joey yeah it doesn’t really matter I’m Lester like freakishly tall oh yeah that’s sad do you guys like Justin Bieber is a lot of ice thing well no okay shut up you expect that you should be friends first before you date the person walk up to him be like this so two examples one no from that sixth grade do you like it when girls were hugs or bear paws they’re just both like better boss but about that I’m all about that top Randy is it pushy when the girl texts the guy at first no what should a guy slash girl wear on the day and nothing is not an action yeah shall we Oh what should they wear well probably like some like one of those like hey me shirts that are like Oh loser shirt boy like loose shirts like I just like loose and they have like the one thing like this anything that looks nice anything yeah exactly like nothing whoa girls with life makeup or a little or no makeup at all I don’t care as long as I look good MA not too much more like the head of like not tab freaking on like not too much makeup for long I look a clown yeah I look like a frickin Barbie doll okay do you like a girl who like wear no makeup and they have their hair in a messy bun or you before a girl who wears makeup and you like well it’s nice for people yeah it looks nice I could care less about the makeup but I don’t like bones I don’t like do you think girls are attractive with braces yes yeah if a guy is being mean to a girl does that mean he likes you that’s a fact okay do I care about personality yeah yeah unless you’re like really like no I’m kidding yeah unless you’re like she’s like a uptight guy um what if the boy does not text you back or responds your facebook message is happy oh it means they’re doing something yes they might they might be hanging out with their buddies like for that I usually get the wrong idea yeah cuz in like not all the time that there’s our cell they’re ignoring you they’re not ignoring you they’re actually gave something else and then they’ll get okay good question going in line again what is a turn-on for a girl for a guy and it turn off my girl like oh my god yeah facial hair what facial hair yeah oh my god what’s it turn out yes okay next please – that’s a really jelly people no no not not the turn you like oh say hey my girls being like hairy legs too hairy back oh ok anyway my turn on is like badass yeah badass forty girl are a girly girl ah sporty Sporty’s I say school do you notice things on girls like new clothes hair yeah yeah if he calls you cute out of nowhere does that mean he likes you yeah how do you get a guy to come and talk to you um talk to them guys are really shy to be honest so I got mostly really sure exactly most guys didn’t be like if you’re like oh I don’t want to talk to that girl she’s like I might you walk up what’s up what’s a conversation starter with a guy what does a guy usually like to talk oh you’re I mean sure I just don’t know Joey has that um that’s true kind of music do was to do yeah you like to talk about music yeah so yes you have been like maybe sports feel like like soccer and I knowing when you like a girl and they like your best oh is it was that a real question you’re upset this guy go by look at the link in description

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