TERRIBLE Teen Dating Advice!

not what are we even doing it so I thought that I’ll come up here give you a little dating advice because I know you need it after what how I though it was devastating I know what happened I don’t need any much from you I’m JV jump and then all your girl no just going to be tasted your girl are you somebody to you know back in Paris French they call me be your doctor what are desert state your face not because these are used as cookbooks hours from French terry so other aspects bar I get the point is not the flowers my kid I’m going to teach my two fellow he practices power apprentices Frances how pick up now girl I just Anna do you want to see just how to be better with the ladies enough to test you give us you give us a scenario and we will go find a fellow lady named live and we’ll try it on her and see how she likes it sorry my food fell ill a praying mantis the first thing we have is a nice greeting I call this one the Cowboys big handshake fishhook it’s kinda like this case yeah cowboy big one and shake straight out beautiful alright how the person okay I’ll get all night your first your first and it’ll be man hello we’re doing blender me oh that’s gross what are you doing this gross Gilligan fish them come on shake it no that’s the sculpting I’m looking for just your words you’re getting advice from Justin Justin you’re planning our work she wouldn’t even shake my hand because I love it miss no I thought you did it wrong it’s more a lunch I don’t see okay you to geez one two three see so that’s the greeting line okay okay next we need a good pick-up line I call this with the hands smack spatula after you sit down make a nice firm cross with your legs put one hand on the other thigh and you and you go straight to talking is hello my little Belgian waffle and if you just that’s that’s it that’s our guide I charge an LZ now Josh you gotta hurt we don’t want to be Belgium Moonwalker good day your best bet oh well there you go kiddo G Jesus never gonna make you get him out there Sean I know I don’t see how you tell Geoffrey let’s not build it it doesn’t know nobody medicine okay I gotta have fun with you oh my gosh are you okay yeah hello in my little walk away are you calling me fat no I’m just using a one that’s gonna make you on a debut that makes no sense isn’t already no wait wait I I did over there okay hello – is Belgian waffle I’m realizing gee I’m Addison what Jason that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done well when you say when you say hey you like a Belgian waffle I said hello Belgian waffle did it work that’s where you messed up these girls in synthetic bag joke thank you for that spatula okay that’s thank you this you try got your hands know she thought I was weird for calling her my little Belgian waffles okay okay come on come up so none of yours are working and apparently inside so why don’t you come up with one and go do it on them for yourself do your best one like this point you want to be a greeting and in the court important to have a great conversation I see and what do you talk about my go-to conversation story it’s actually like complex you see did you know that they are still in Mongols communicates the alligators by milking cows what exactly this puzzle puzzle you know what you’re then what you show her how you watch our YouTube video on it so maybe that way you can just show how it’s like a lizard to the Mongoose and then you like milk the cattle sideways because alligators crocodiles like that okay let’s see it I mean Justin yes you want to me did we go in we did you know the average Australian mom was committed to a crocodile like milking cows Justin you are so smart wait tell me more if they see what you see also by what you do but I believe no it wasn’t me what are you doing impressing you you literally just denied me and Josh with his fig aligns and now when he doesn’t you love him but you are dead over yelling did he take your girl Justin don’t listen to them okay okay maybe the reason you got it is because you’ve done em on your phone you don’t listen okay little Justin you’ve had like eight different nights of sensory service all right when you say let’s go anyway adding dollars a great experience with meat and my fellow up romantic you know some romantic one are you know you’re starting to depend on your magic box appears I just I think about Justin’s advisin horrible things you guys are watching each other’s eyes – no listen to Joe Craine man [Music]

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