People Review Men’s Dating Advice Books

any dude that is gonna tell me what I really mean is already trouble cuz men know women better than anyone right even better than ourselves why they make our laws shyguys guide to dating persistent guy keeps a picture of her in his wallet for inspiration what that’s so creepy never do that no I don’t even have a photo of my girlfriend the last thing I would do is keep a picture of a girl I’m interested in my wallet can you imagine if she found it the title of this section is hunting the easy prey let me set a similar scene you walk into a party all the girls are thin sexy beautiful and they all have guys crawling all over them then you see one girl in the corner she’s cute but she’s a little heavier than the others she doesn’t exactly stand out in the crowd she is basically being ignored this is the one that you want to go for she is easy prey whoa what wait so like a girl that just doesn’t look like a sexy thin model is easy like I honestly feel like that would be the opposite goodbye I am moving to space sometimes a girl starts off saying you can’t do certain things but then she starts getting turned on she changes her mind and she lets you go to town so keep trying you never know when a know can turn into a yes ultimately though it’s her choice this is garbage this is terrible put this man in jail this man is perpetuated a sexual assault and read someone says no to something it means no it’s like his publisher as editor was like maybe you should just add him that thing about being her choice he’s like does this kind of derail my entire point and she’s like we can legally have to do that this is literally a guide to becoming a rapist forever alone guy to ladies man the true ladies man Bill of Rights thou shalt not throw away any opportunity to practice your pimping skills he called in pimping skills it’s been scholastic breast problems neck I don’t care if you have to practice on 13-year old grandmas or hookers as long as they’re female wow this book just totally to hit on 13-year olds like that’s like illegal like pretty illegal pretty illegal I kind of feel a little nauseous Alfa’s won’t pay for her except on occasion if she did something to deserve it like sleep with him and they won’t sit there and listen to her problems for hours and Alpha’s time is much too valuable for that just get a blow-up sex doll because you don’t want a real person like at all it’s just training men to be assholes like our further told that consent doesn’t matter which is a huge problem people say like oh like why do we need feminism just dick this book these bugs I would say don’t treat dating like hunting just be yourself because there are so many damn people in the world that you are bound to find other people who are like you treat dating like you’re looking for a new friend because ultimately your significant other is going to be your best friend

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