7 Tips To Find Love | How A Man Can Find The Perfect Romantic Partner

antonio how did you meet your wife antonio how did you end up with such a hot looking woman k i actually get these questions once a week and i take them with a greater salt it makes me laugh a little better take them as a compliment and guys i understand why you’re asking many of you guys come to my channel because you want to learn about how to dress better you want to dress better because you want to be more attractive you want to be more attractive because you’re out there dating you want to get find the best partner for you so in today’s video i’m going to give you seven tips seven tips i wish i could go back 20 years and give myself on how to find the perfect person for you tip number one be open to love i know that sounds really mushy but i know for me in my early 20s and definitely in my late teens i wasn’t open to love yes i was open to physical relationships and meeting with a lot of people and having a little bit of fun but i was not open till up i didn’t really understand what it was to be in a loving relationship so i wasn’t ready for it and that right there you’ve got to be open i know a lot of guys that have gone through a divorce and that is tough you need time to recover because after you’ve been burned like that it’s very tough to love again that’s one of the key components to love is to be vulnerable to open yourself up so that person could potentially hurt you but the upside is huge guys so in order the first thing you got to be open to love tip number two you have to be ready yourself self confidence self love whatever you want to call it but this is something that you’ve got to be at a place you’ve got to be confident you’ve got to know that you’ve got something to offer another person I can tell you guys I was 19 when I was 20 when I was 21 I did not feel that way I felt I really had a lot of confidence issues I didn’t feel like I had much to contribute it was until I was about 23 24 and of all things was the United States Marine Corps that actually instilled in me gave me a sense of purpose sense of directions also numbers around people doing amazing things physically mentally all of this was pushing me to the next level and I really I have something to offer not only another person but I have something to offer this world make sure you already tip number three put yourself out there guys and when you put yourself out there it’s a bit uncomfortable it’s not something you’re used to but here’s the key if you want to meet people you have to go to where the people are at so my friend Ryan he moves to Colorado Denver to be specific didn’t know anyone and he’s like I want to meet women I want to get out there and have fun so we see this is a country-western bar down the road he goes in there they have free lessons he starts to dance and he’s horrible he’s got two left feet but by the second lesson he’s getting better by the fifth night he’s actually pretty darn good knows quite a few people there is having a great time now the guy tears up the floor you go I’ve seen him go into country-western bars around the country and just meet people have a great time he has no lack of leading and engaging with beautiful women how is he doing this because he put himself out there now a little bit less adventurous but still very effective my friend Mike fifteen years ago got on match and he goes over to that website uses the profile creates a profile he was very hesitant he had gone through some pretty tough times but he put that profile up and guess what he met his now wife through that so the key is is you put yourself out there now guys this video is sponsored by match but I that story fromom my friend Mike I just heard that the other day and I know that one in three people nowadays are meeting online match has been around for twenty years and I’m going to pull up their website go check this out guys if you haven’t gone to match and you are looking for a relationship and I’m talking about a real relationship that is going to last not just be the first day because yeah match is great for first dates but also first second dates so if you’re looking for real relationships you definitely want to go check them out I’m going to link the match down in the description of this video it’s got a special link that you can get a seven day free trial so go check them out this is a great way if you’re single if you’re looking to have fun to meet people and to really put yourself out there tip number four identify what you really want fact create a list but understand if you create list and you meet someone that’s really attractive one eye and you’ve had a few drinks or even if you haven’t you’re probably going to throw that list out the window you’re going to give it a shot you’re going to say this person I just feel great about let’s go with it now what will happen most likely that relationship like many in your life will not work out but take heart take look at that list that you would start to put together and say you know what I knew because of this it probably would work out logically I knew that this is really important to me and emotionally I tried to make it work but gosh this is really important or in some cases things you thought were important may not be the point is you’re refining your updating this list of things that you’re looking for you start to realize that hey this really does matter to me I’ve got to make sure is I’m looking for the right person that they’ve got this particular thing tip number five timing is very very important so my friend Brian he’s with a woman who knows this could be the one they have been together for almost five months attached at the hip doing everything together but here’s what’s funny is they met three years ago and they hit it off then but nothing came of that relationship why timing she was married to somebody else now it turns out she was not happily married she got a divorce a year after that Brian saw her again about eight months ago they started talking next thing you know they’re getting into a relationship and who knows where their relationships going to go but sometimes in relationships timing is just off somebody maybe is ready to get married somebody’s not somebody is ready forward to take this next step in their life the other person wants to take this next step in their career so make sure that the timing is right for you tip number six approach your relationship as a project as work as a job I know it doesn’t sound sexy at all but here’s the deal is it you’re building a life for somebody and that is a lot of work that’s this is the biggest project you’re ever going to take on and if you actually put the time and effort that you put into a lot of your projects at work you would actually make sure that your marriage succeeds because you would realize how important this is actually was reading some data about arranged marriages versus love marriages and they talked about the beginning of the marriage love marriages actually have a higher level of happiness but what the interesting is over time arranged marriages become increasingly happier while love marriages become small they become less happier why does this happen because when someone goes into an arranged marriage they realize they’ve got a lot of work to do they’ve got to learn and they’ve got to get to know this person so they spend a lot of time and effort doing that if you want to be happy you want to get into a relationship that’s going to last approach it as you would a project put in the time put in the effort put in the love and you’re going to reap the returns tip number seven chemistry is cool but end goals rules and goals are where you want to be 20 30 40 years from now maybe you want to be in a great place financially but if you’re going to marry someone who doesn’t care about finances who is going to spend money has gone through maybe you know multiple bankruptcies and has no issue with that and would go through it again you may want to be careful about marrying this person if for them let’s say religion doesn’t matter they are an atheist then you are a devouring it doesn’t matter how physically you’re attracted that is eventually going to wear off pay attention to those angles they’re much more important than the initial chemistry and feelings between people all right gentlemen so now it’s your turn I want to hear from you down the comments what did I miss what would you with added to this video how did you meet your significant other how did you meet that person you were in a great relationship with I want to stress one of those last points I talked about how it’s a lot of work a solid relationship don’t let anyone for you and I tell people about how when I first met my wife I knew I was going to marry her within minutes and part of that yeah was the emotional component and it was definitely you know I found her incredibly attractive but when it comes down to it what has made it work for me and her is everything we’ve gone through to build our life and build our relationships after coming back to my rack I can tell you guys that I was in the right place because I had seen enough death I had seen enough things that just I don’t ever want to see again and I realize you know this is the kind of person the kind of woman that’s going to stand by me and that is worth fighting for and making sure I bring into my life so hopefully again guys I love videos like this and I really want to thank the sponsor I’m going to bring up the website one more time go check out maps what I love about match is hey you want to get a date this weekend match is going to help you do it again one in three relationships my friend Mike that’s a true story so go check out the link I’m going to put down in the description it’s going to be a free 7-day trial and guys if I had to start over I definitely would be checking out my wife she said no you can’t go on matching do research and go out on a day I’m like honey I’ll bring it with me she wasn’t up for it but guys definitely go check out the website and if you have any questions I’ll be down in the comments answering them take care of gentlemen see you in the next video

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