How to Apply Loving Tan Mousse and Tanning Tips & Tricks

in this video we are going to show how quick and easy it is to apply loving tan making it simple to achieve a flawless natural looking tan in no time it is a professional strength formula so you can now obtain the result of a professional spray tan in the convenience and privacy of your own home all loving tan products contain advanced active ingredients to ensure a natural brown tan develops loving tan mooses also contain instant bronzer this acts as a streak-free color guide so you can see where you have applied the active tanning ingredients it also provides you with an instant flawless tan within minutes perfect for last-minute events loving tan roses are paraben free have a pleasant fragrance and a quick drying starting with clean dry exfoliated skin apply moisturizer to any dry areas including the hands and wrists feet and ankles elbows and knees wipe excess moisturizer from palms and place hand into your loving tan deluxe applicator met pump a generous amount of loving tan mousse onto the mitt starting with your legs apply the mousse blending in circular motions always first apply the mousse to the area that the Sun would tan first for example outer legs and arms as the product is fast drying best results are achieved when you work quickly using the excess product on the met blend the product down over your foot and in between your toes apply mousse to the tops of your legs blending as you go to ensure all of your skin is covered using the excess on the mitt blend gently over your knees apply mousse to your stomach blending as you go apply mousse to your chest and over your shoulders blending the excess up your neck and under your arms apply mousse to the tops of your arms apply mousse to the bottom of your arms and blending around as you go using the excess in the mitt blend gently over your elbow area and down over your hand and in between your fingers using the mitt carefully ensure you have a light layer over your fingers hands and wrists avoiding palms for any hard-to-reach areas use they’re easy to reach back applicator open the handle and lock into place place a small amount of mousse onto the sponge applicator tip and apply to the back in sections check your body all over in the mirror to make sure your skin is covered in bronzer and you have not missed any areas using a wet wipe remove any excess tan from fingernails and toenails don’t be alarmed if the instant bronzer is slightly uneven as it is just a guide to make sure the active ingredients have been applied evenly if you would like to turn your face apply moisturizer first to your entire face moisturize generously around the eyebrows and lip line apply a small amount of loving tan to a makeup sponge you can use the mitt also if you want and blend the tan on to face making sure no areas are missed because loving tan is professional strength after 1 hour remove the tan from face hands and feet with a wet wipe to prevent overdevelopment a handy tip if you are about to go out and are wanting to use the bronzer as an instant tan while the tan is still wet use the mitt to pat down the skin to achieve a flawless finish if the town has semi-dried blend any uneven bronzer marks by buffing them out with the dry part of the met you

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