Love Advice To My Younger Self

dear my 20 year old self it’s me well you your idea of what is sexy will change drastically hey what about this girl she sings together talk to that girl you’re going to make mistakes they’ll have names some of which you can’t remember but some of these names will be etched into you for years also you don’t have to sleep with everyone you’ll miss the simplicity of holding hands or the anticipation of the first kiss you’ll fall in love quickly with the first person that shows you intimacy you’ll be happy for some of the time you should tell her that you love her in those moments you’ll regret that you didn’t say it enough and the rest of the time try not to spend it analyzing every conversation ciphering text messages like you’re in the CIA trying to get them to love you back if you think someone is cheating they probably are also nobody’s ex’s or best friend run now when someone tells you they can’t be with you because they’re going to ruin you what they’re actually saying is I’m afraid you’re going to ruin me so please oh please walk away from this because I don’t know how to it’s okay to feel heartbroken you’re not damaged just because you’re not interested in a good person that’s interested in you how I mentioned you’ll make mistakes you don’t need a million reasons to end something you’ll waste a lot of time searching for those reasons and above all else the most important thing I can tell you is take care of yourself first

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