10 Types Of Women To NEVER Date!

[Music] gentlemen today I’m gonna save you a ton of relationship time money and heartache because I’m going over ten types of women you should never date I have identified ten specific types of women that once you identify that you are actually dating one of these tens you should run like your pubes are on fire inspiration for this video is actually the woman who was sitting behind me on a recent flight from Philadelphia there I am minding my own business enjoying my complimentary pretzels when all of a sudden I hear this woman talking behind me Oh loudly that was actually concerned that I was losing IQ points because the stuff that was coming out of her mouth was so dumb which happens to be the first type of woman you should avoid at all cost the dumb girl I don’t care how hot she is well actually depending on how hot she is you may date her for a week mud whatever the night I don’t care but long-term you don’t want to be with somebody who’s stupid second type of woman you should avoid dating is the princess aka the my shit doesn’t stink chick oh yeah we’ve all been there we’ve all met the person that thinks that their shit doesn’t stink and I good news for them it does everybody’s shit stinks and just because she may be attractive doesn’t mean or make her shit any less stinky number three is the financial disaster I dated her who else it go ahead right she can’t balance a checkbook she’s always broke using credit cards all the time and thinks someday I’ll marry somebody who’s got money gentlemen it shouldn’t be you number four don’t let a sloppy drunk chick who is there anything less attractive than the girl who’s like the life of the party and it’s always the life of the party she’s like everyone’s like oh my god Brenda’s so fun and then an hour later it hits her like a bag of rocks in the face her makeups all smeared she’s passed out skirts above gentlemen do you want a dater I don’t number five the super jealous girl the girl that is jealous every but including but not limited to potentially your mother your father your ex-girlfriends your friend and it might even be cute that she like has a little bit of jealousy in you and you brush it off like oh good – she’ll get you she never gets any better it only gets worse number six a stripper that is all I know in your head you’re like hell yeah she could be having all of these other dudes but she chooses this guy hell yeah I know you’re thinking up but while you’re thinking that she’s grinding her snatch up on somebody’s leg that’s the use of the word snatches an alpha em video first sorry about that it got away from me but number seven type of chick you should never date is the woman who only has game and his friends there is a reason that the woman only has game and his friends and has no women or straight there’s a reason I’m not sure what it is I’m just saying there’s always a reason for eight the my daddy buys me everything chick she’s got all the latest fashion she’s got anything she wants because her dad is of means and he’s like you’re my princess and she’s like yes I am thank you for my my Louis Vuitton purse and then all sudden you come along and you’re an incredible guy but you don’t have the deep pockets that daddy does and guess what you’re never gonna live up number nine the tease Hanley hater you start using T Hanley aka the most amazing skin care product in the mark and all of a sudden you start looking all super freaking handsome and she’s like why using that you don’t need that kick her ass to the curb that’s what I would do because here’s the deal once you start using T shanlee the byproduct is that you start looking better and she’s got to be very secure with herself to be walking around with somebody as handsome as your ass and if you like the idea of walking around even more devastatingly handsome than you are right now you need to go to the link down in the description to T’s dot-com there you’re going to find the three different levels the t’s we’ve cut out all the middleman no super fat margins we don’t give you 2,700 products to choose from we give you a few level-1 level-2 level-3 depending on the level you pick that’s going to determine the products that you need t shanley is that complicated skincare system for dudes like you all you got to do go to the lengths there’s a discount code to save you 20% you pick your system it shows up you’re like oh my god this is incredible I’m so excited you open it up and we tell you exactly what to use in what order and how much all the guesswork gone Liger leather-faced ass gentlemen here’s the deal number 10 of the women you should never under any circumstances and what I mean never I mean never date is the bitch you know when you meet them or you do very shortly thereafter gentleman I dated on one maybe two you’ve possibly dated one maybe three for the deal is you shouldn’t do it anymore because you don’t deserve that you need to be with somebody who’s sweet who appreciates you for being so freakin incredible gentleman here’s the deal there is absolutely no excuse for dating any of these ten types of women you’re incredible you’re amazing and you deserve nothing but the best

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