Dating Advice For Women: Top Mistakes You’re Making With Men

you welcome back are you single are you struggling with your single status because we might be able to help with that uh mal we have someone here who can tell us for those singles out there who or how and why they’re they’re struggling they are well we are actually right now going to expose some of the biggest dating mistakes that may affect me holding you back we’ve got a dating expert Marnie Kendra’s who is with us today on the social welcome Marnie sometimes we are holding ourselves back if we’re single absolutely sometimes we’re holding ourselves back off or single we put up barriers and the older that we get the more barriers that we have the more comfortable we are with our own independent lives so it does make it more challenging so even when we say I’m open I’m open to anything anyone come my way I won’t love to enter my life it’s not that simple well I don’t think most people know what open actually means it’s open until I’m not open until you make me uncomfortable so open actually means giving people first and second and third chances not one chance I’ll talk to you and then like shut them off okay interested we thought that we would approach this in a really unique way here on the social so we’ve actually got three single women who are three singles that are hoping that you can help them let’s first talk about Joanne and her story check out this video well my name is Joanne I’m 47 years old and I live here in Toronto I do work as an operational manager for medical facility and for fun I love to sing in I salsa I haven’t dated at all in the last five or six years just being so busy or maybe I’m busy and not dating to sort of fill that gap I love these first dates I had one gentleman literally say to me is that Avion icicle of course it isn’t he says my god I drink the same brand I’m like dear God somebody turn this off from this experience I would love to be able to have someone to give me a different perspective and have someone just say to me listen if you do this and you maybe try step one and two you might open yourself up to that wonderful experience and maybe someone will help you find that hey Marnie we even have Joanne right here in the audience that’s everybody welcome Joanne okay Rach did you land what can you suggest floor well so I had the pleasure of talking to Joanne a little bit before the show and I have two things to say to her get involved and give a guy a chance so you know you got to get involved in order to get involved with a guy you were saying you know you wait in your office and you hope that that magical man is going to walk through the door I wish there was a service like that that had men marching around the different offices but it doesn’t exist yet hopefully will after the show but for right now you have to get out there and put yourself out there in order to be seen the other thing I wanted to make a note of was giving a guy a chance so I work with thousands of men all over the world being their wing girl and I know that one of the biggest difficulties they have is approaching and starting a conversation they get so much information from everybody around the world telling them how to do it what’s gonna spark attraction so if you have a man coming up to you and approaching you and it may not be the best line ever it’s usually because he’s nervous but what he’s trying to say to you is I’m interested in engaging with you so that we can see if there’s something potentially there so I would love for you to implement a three-strike rule rather than a one strike rule so the first strike is okay he said something cheesy I’ll give him a break be empathetic and understand he’s nervous and then wait for the other two to come along I think it’ll help you a lot if they come along exactly what do you think Joanne I as mentioned in the in the role that I tend to keep myself too busy but I think that’s some great advice that I have to open myself for sure okay Marnie you mentioned the three extra three strike rule yeah but can we still have deal-breakers because I would have a deal-breaker shadow those of you deal breakers from your shirt okay okay good write a list of five deal-breakers for you okay I have more than that then you got to start evaluating yourself all right so our next single lady is Kim let’s hear her story my name is Kimberly I’m 30 years old and I’m from Toronto I was in a 15 year long relationship with my high school sweetheart we were engaged and three months before our wedding our engagement ended and that was two days before my 29th birthday and it was the first time that I’ve ever been single in my life I felt like a fish out of water I didn’t have a clue what I was doing so it was a really interesting experience I have been enjoying dating but it would be nice to settle down sometime soon I’m hoping that the experts will be able to teach me how to not be so shy and awkward when it comes to meeting guys and to become more comfortable with dating and be more confident in my own skin so how can we help Kim ah by letting her know it’s totally fine to be single to have a blast and have fun getting out there 15 years since she was 15 she’s having a relationship it’s come on go out there you’re in your sexual prime you were in your confidence prime you’re in your section watch right right okay the last embrace it get on tinder or some other sort of application that gets you out there and mingling and refined your social self but in terms of flirting that she was asking for some flirting tips I’m not a flirting expert but what I can tell her is that I helped a lot of men spot the signs that women are flirting because men cannot spot the subtle signals that we give so if we smile a little bit they’re thinking does she have something in her eye does she that meet you up but there’s all these things that go through their heads to protect themselves cuz they’re just as afraid as we are to approach they don’t want to fall flat on their face so one tip I can give to every woman whether they’re in a relationship or not in a relationship when you’re with a man be quite overt with your signals so if you’re talking to a guy and you want him to ask for your phone number touch him a little bit touch him here just a little bit and make eye contact and smile because for him that’s an obvious signal that you’re interested in its own to ask you for a date your number kiss whatever he wants okay ladies don’t be subtle don’t be subtle aver throw yourself at man right Marni we’ve got one more story for you we want you and everyone else to meet cam my name is cam girl and I’m 39 years old I’ve been single for 7 years but that was my choice and in 2006 my father had died and at the same time the relationship that I was in ended because I needed it to end so then the seven years following that I just worked on myself the men that I used to pick were bad boys not very supportive always causing my head to hurt I feel that I am more prepared now to attract the type of guy that I’d like which is a good guy so I think I just need to be able to get over that first hurdle and then just go I’m hoping the expert can at least give me that push out the door like I think I’m looking out the door but I just did it push out the door come on cam is he or she needs a push wonderful the push I’m gonna give her is to make herself dedicate at least one day a week to getting out and being social and interacting join singles mixers go on tinder there’s this amazing website that’s called Google I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of it before but if you go onto Google and you type in information like single to your age and what you’re interested in in your city magical things pop up and tell you where to go every single week do you think about that cam can you commit to one day I can commit to one day but I’m really um nervous about the online thing to begin with so so do the lot you’re a great woman I’ve interacted with you like forget about online find singles mixers um speed dating events other events that have you be more social through dinner parties right and ask your friends say hook me up like if you if you’re looking for a job you wouldn’t put your one resume on some obscure website you put it out to everybody that you know yeah so do the same thing with dating true you put it out there cam and put it out there she is Marnie thank you for joining us uh and thank you to our brave singles who shared their stories with us Joanne Kim and cam for more of Marty’s tips check out the social dot CA we need to take a short break but we’ll be right you

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