Dating As An Indian Woman

so you’re not coming to your own niece’s wedding you’re sorry on your uncle Gujarati Lina vamos a couch agita Mario shot eqe merely apparition keypad there are simple answers to this mom I’m focused on work I just started Game of Thrones I’m an independent woman 20 psyche oh yeah no more dr. Kumari shot equal on each ad hoc by many to be chicks ne parle pas je de Lappe Otto Otto et al when they see my poorly tied sorry I won’t be able to defend him try good in yardage that’s the money shot Yvonne the Union oh right here’s perfect thank you this isn’t over I gotta go I have a date what a date my god easy again so a douchebag if I over pronounce it but if I mispronounce it I’m ignorant so I’m just gonna meet in the middle and mumble it : Coogan o pokel din go pupils did you go to bed yes thank you yeah see I’m sorry I’m better than that how cool would it be if I actually spoke French though pretty cool accent though right so do you speak any Hindu well I’m not a practicing Hindu right of course I mean I stopped speaking Spanish when I graduated high school so I get it my parents don’t speak Spanish I’m not as manager but do your parents speak in do that with me my friends go to cabo I hold mine let me stay in a resort they speak mostly English [Music] wait how many fucking weddings are we going to this year well I have three plus a lingerie party plus I’m planning my own wedding well I’ve got four big weddings including my first big family wedding since I was a huge disappointment last year Cara you came out it’s not like you murdered someone well three weddings before for me you’re gonna bring us into double digits yep five and three of them are Indian five days apiece so that’s 15 days do you know how many dance numbers I’m gonna have to do another round oh sure by the way you Jane tonight over at loud bar should swing by it’s gonna be delete it’s actually we should go I could bring my date come on he said it’s gonna be lit oh my gosh we turn around look back awesome how can I get an outfit change please [Music] thank you ma’am [Music] I find these guys hey Maya I think this is a little big what it’s just you big oh dude I just take the pictures she’s your stylist oh shit I’m sorry you guys could be sisters mm-hmm [Music] yeah the worst did you really have nothing better to do tonight guys apparently not so how did you guys meet oh we met in yoga today it’s got a great shoe box way isn’t that just lying down yeah but I’ve been doing it since house baby so anyway Maya where do you practice oh I don’t do yoga ah of course ya know what I just figured cuz you’re a need uh nothing not that all Indians do yoga you know I am Asian and I don’t like rice is it hot in here I’m gonna get a drink [Music] just look so terrified by her own casual racism and it makes you feel bad for her does it next time slugger [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music]

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