Red Flags To Watch For When Dating Women

what’s up everybody I’m back for another video so this video was requested a few of you asked me you don’t know the girl please upload a video on some red flags to look for when you’re dating women and then I plan on doing one for when you’re dating men as well but for this one I did write down a few of my key notes here this is a no particular order this is just something that I would look for if I was a man dating women today based off my experience these are the things that I would look for as far as red flag and just seeing that I would not you know move forward on first things first does she have children is she a single mother it’s not her having children that would necessarily run me away if she was married and you know her children came from a marriage I might be able to deal with that but if she is a single mother and has you know two three four different kids by all these different men which is very common today see this all the time and I do not just see it where I’m from now where I was born and raised I actually lived up north I lived in a few different cities and I’ve experienced this everywhere that I was with women my age so the single mother thing I would not want to deal with because what it represents to me is when I see a woman with all those children that’s a sexual partner she had each child represents a different man that she was sexually irresponsible with now to me I would not want to date someone like that I would not want to settle down with someone like that because I wouldn’t want to be with the woman that was sexually so irresponsible especially at an adult age you know we were all young once but to do that as an adult you sleep with a guy you end up having a baby recklessly you know you would think that would wake them up and they wouldn’t do it again but they continue to do it over and over and I’ll see it all the time and that is a huge turn-on to me and then you got to deal with you know like they call the baby mama drama and all that so I would not want to deal with any of that stuff from the fathers and all the other women that the fathers have other children with it just ends up being this big web of bullshit basically and I don’t want nothing deal with it but to be with a woman that can be so sexually irresponsible with so many different men that would be a huge red flag but and men still jump in relationships with these women and now risk getting them pregnant again I see this all the time but you know I don’t understand how that red flag is right in your face you see the children that from different fathers that is telling you she’s been sexually responsible with all these different people and that should be a wake-up call and I know a lot of you are not going to like what I just said but it’s the truth and that’s how I feel it it’s my opinion so it is what it is the next thing that I would look for is she responsible does she live on her own or with her parents one big thing that I noticed from women that are you know a little more liberal they tend to not be able to break away from their parents I find that people that a liberal raise their children to be very dependent on them or government and the ones that are dependent on their parents a lot of times they can be very responsible in careers there’s liberal women that I know that have fantastic careers but they’re very dependent on their parents in their you know my age I’m thirty two women my age need to be able to break away from their parents make their own decisions you know we’re raised in the nest but we’re supposed to leave the nest and create our own you’re not supposed to depend on your parents that much your parents should not be making all your decisions if you marry a woman like that fellas I promise you you will not be wearing the pants in that marriage her parents will be very involved in your finances and all the decisions L make and that’s not something I would want to deal with so moving forward with number three how does she dress first thing I was you know notice about a woman a red flag would be if I meet her somewhere and she’s got you know how big old gazook is hanging out and how booty cheeks are hanging out and I could see her stomach in her legs and that was the eternal for me a woman my age I would be turned off if she dressed that way now let me just specify here I don’t think it’s bad to show a little bit of cleavage because there are some shirts that you wear like a lower v-neck shirt that will show like the top part of it that happens to me sometimes but to purposely every day everywhere you go have you know your watermelons hanging out and then your butt cheek thing and I owed it in showing your stomach and all your legs I don’t agree with that I think that to me that signifies a woman that is insecure and is screaming for that sexual attention enjoys it because that’s all it’s going to bring it’s going to bring me the wrong kind of attention you know when you’re an attractive woman you can dress nice and you will still get attention but you don’t want to you know go out and advertise and get the wrong kind of attention so if I was dating a woman I would be turned off by that I would like I said I was raised my my mom my grandma that raised me my mom she always taught us that if you’re going to show your legs when you go out to cover up your chest area to have a nice blouse on and if you’re gonna you know show a little bit of chest not your whole justice you know the top coat on if you need to come up your legs and everything else that’s just the way I was raised and I stick by that I’m raising my daughter to be the same way you know there’s a time and a place for all themself but anyway that’s that’s another red flag right there now the provocative dressing all the time number four would have been is she obsessed with social media this is another big one for me I’ve said this in my last videos I cannot stand social media and people that are obsessed with it couple of girls tried to you know call me a hypocrite mean uni in tension mean Ian owned the gown here I need him yes I do post YouTube videos and I do watch political stuff on YouTube but to me I’m talking about people that sit around all day long what this was doing on Facebook and what’s that we’re doing on Facebook and worried about all that nonsense and taking selfies all day everywhere they go got a post it on Instagram got to check in and show everybody what you’re doing on snapchat and this event that would turn me off I would not want to date a woman like that I’m sorry that’s my opinion I have a right to it everywhere you take this woman in yellow dating is she trying to post a selfie of herself is she trying to check in and tell all her friends where you’re taking her every single time you take her somewhere that would drive me nuts I’m sorry can’t deal with that when we go out to eat and I’m taking out I wanted to spend time with me I don’t want it to be on a phone trying to impress all these dumbass fake-ass friends that she has so that’s just how I feel about it um the next thing would be is she high maintenance how is she was spending money and name-brand stuff um high maintenance let’s see when you meet it does she have to have an expensive coach purse or a Louis Vuitton or one of the Michael Kors bags more than one of them every single time you see yeah does she have to spend a lot of money every time you take her out that she require y’all go somewhere expensive every time you see it as she require y’all go out and spend money period you know because there are things you can do to go out when you’re dating someone and not spend money me and my husband used to go to the police to catch Ottoman park and go walk around and we even fished a few times he did not did but uh we did all kinds of stuff that didn’t you know cost money there’s so many things you can do we used to ride up and down st. Charles on the trolley and I would go catch like a different coffee shop hearing and just go talk there’s all kind of things you could do so I would look for that she required me to take her out and spend money every single time and also everything she have on his name brand that would turn me off too because ladies it’s not men that are judging you for what kind of purse you have it’s other women it’s other women bringing other women down all the women will sit there and say oh look at her purse that is so mean man that doesn’t match you know you don’t have to have all these different expensive handbags you could get a decent purse that carries yourself around that looks nice but under $40 you do not have to spend three four five hundred dollars I know women that have spent thousands of dollars on a Louis Vuitton real Louis Vuitton purse and Chanel Louis Vuitton and all of these companies are laughing their asses off at y’all just spending all that money for a name that is all you’re buying it for is a name to fit in with the mainstream I would want a woman that can stand up against that bullshit okay a woman that doesn’t care what other people think of oh that could just get a purse just to carry her stuff it doesn’t care about what everyone else thinks about so next thing does she uh does she drink a lot on the weekend does she have to go out every weekend one thing I noticed about a lot of women my age they can be married with children not necessarily single and they will go out every single weekend and party party it up with their girlfriends I know so many women that do this they got a family at home children at home a husband and every weekend they out drinking with their friends every single weekend and to me that is a red flag I would not want to be with a woman like that to me when you become a mother and you have you know a husband and children I want to spend as much time with them on the weekend as I can’t me and my husband are so busy during the week I want to see him on the weekend I want to spend time with him and my children you know your children don’t stay young very long life goes by so fast they grow up on you and before you know it you’re old and I mean that’s it so I want to spend as much time with them as I can I had my chance to be young dumb and immature and I don’t want to keep on uh you know drinking himself so the next thing would be does she does she have a bad attitude so she curse a lot does she act too masculine that would be a turn-off for me is she real real masculine like more masculine than me most women today are falling for that feminist stuff where they’re being masculine like men and men are being more feminine like women that’s what the left is trying to do so I would want a woman that is not afraid to show her feminine side and not be so masculine and every other word out of her mouth should not be Aptus and at that that would turn me on I do curse but to say that every other word would be a huge turnoff number eight is she liberal this might take a lot of you off but if I was dating I would want a woman that is not liberal I’ll find liberal women or more focused on career they they don’t want to be mothers and if they end up being mothers they want to put their children in daycare and forget about them they’re not interested in keeping up with a house cooking and cleaning they not interests them to put my husband and children first they care more about them of their career you know going out on the weekend being free being empowered I would not want that I would want a more traditional woman a woman that is going to have my back no matter what no matter if I lose my job no matter what happens to me she’s going to hold it down be there for me not leave me not cheat on me not steal from me not take my children away so I would look for a woman that means more to the conservative side of things okay I would want a woman that treasures the first and second amendment a woman that is not into all that liberal stuff a woman that’s not going to go off and abort my baby behind my back that is just my opinion you don’t have to like it I can only tell y’all the truth so I hope you enjoyed the video there’s probably something that did not cover but I don’t want the video to get way too long and like the video if you did subscribe if you want to hear more and don’t forget to check me out on patreon I have to start one a few of you recommended it thank you I didn’t even know about it because YouTube is the monetizing some of my videos they’re coming after me with the censorship so check me out on there if you can help me out that would be great and I’ll see you all later bye

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