TOP 10 Dating Red Flags | How To Tell If She’s CRAZY!!!

gentlemen great to see you so today I’d like to start off by telling you a true story about a woman I dated before I met my wife so after I graduated college I moved to Atlanta and I started working at a fitness center as a trainer well at the front desk happened to be a spicy senorita so I confidently flirted for a few weeks and finally had the courage to ask her out of course she said yes so we start going out everything is great for three weeks oh it was magic I’m like this is the girl for me and then I happen to tell her about a woman that I was helping get ready for a bodybuilding show remember I was a trainer it was at this precise moment that all relationship hell broke loose that’s why she said Narita went absolutely Loco she lost her ever-loving mind red-flag the first of many I would come to find out but it was at this moment that I realized that the old spicy senorita was never going to be the girl for me but I dated her for another year cuz she was super hot so today gentlemen I’d like to go over ten of the biggest dating red-flag so in case you spot him you can be looses I’m out kicking it off with red flag number one excessive jealousy a touch of jealousy twinge it’s cool it’s even cute but if she is constantly worried and angry and questioning and product she’s mad at your mama get out while your bunny is still alive that’s son of a bitch red flag number two going through your phone trust gentlemen it’s a critical component of the healthy relationship equation without it you’re doomed red flag number three she treats waiters like crap baristas waiter servers people on the phone telemarketers if they are treating them like crap or treating them as if they are less than human guess what gentlemen poop out relationship red flag number four if she has the perpetual princess syndrome always expecting everybody to bend over and kiss her ass la get lost beretta flight number five junior he gets mad at you every time you hang out with your boys no one else kills a relationship faster than anything smothering if you don’t understand that she should have or he whatever you’re into has their own friends set you have yours you have your own lives to separate people come together you don’t morph in the one weird can globular relationship couple if you do you lose your identity they lose their identity it is a disaster relationship red flag number six never admitting that they’re wrong yeah I know have you ever dated somebody that no matter what they do no matter how wrong they are because you’re smart they’re tight mom we’ll save that right they won’t admit when they’ve screwed up they won’t admit when they’re wrong if you’re dating somebody who’s never wrong gentlemen I’m not saying I’m just saying get rid of them relationship red flag number seven not saying thank you when you do something nice have you ever gone out on a date you open the car door like a gentleman should nothing you get to where you’re going maybe it’s dead or maybe it’s moving maybe it’s a ice cream cone it doesn’t matter you get it you give it no thank you no I know that you shouldn’t do things and expect to get a thank you but come on I do and so should you relationship red flag number eight she’s dumb being super hot only gets you so far for so long at some point they’re going to have to speak and that’s when things can fall apart if they’re super dumb I went out with this girl one time that was so beautiful but so dumb it was like I was sitting in the car trying to have a conversation and I felt my IQ dropping as we drove number one got it number nine taking too many selfies excessive selfie taking signifies two things one could be that they’ve got super low self-esteem constantly needing reassurance oh you’re so pretty Brenda the other option is super self-absorbed they both suck and should be red flags to you number ten gentlemen she fights dirty if she’s violent if she brings up things from the past if she hits below the belt gentlemen I don’t want to see how people get along when things are great I want to see how you get along and how you actually fight when things are difficult because this is going to be the thing that tells you the most about the person all right if you fight in a constructive way and do it in a responsible grown-up manner awesome but if it’s dirty not like the good dirty like the bad dirty the more dirtier like seriously knock it off that’s ridiculous why we already what are you talking about good relationships gentlemen they’re not always easy to come by but hopefully if you have identified any of these top 10 dating red flags you know what the dealio is huh like to do like you got a go cause you deserve better

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