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– Good afternoon, gents. I’m Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy, and the subject of today’s video is Five Signs That A Woman
Is Attracted To You, that she likes you, that she wants you. Okay, so, if you’re seeing these signs, you’re not reading them properly, then you might not be making the move and you might be losing chicks, and no one wants to lose chicks, do they? Alright, so, gentlemen,
here we go, sign number one that a woman is possibly attracted to you. Okay, so, probably the most obvious sign and a bit of a cliché, and if you don’t know this
then, come on, open your eyes, right, is when women play with their hair and touch their hair. So, like, (in a high
voice) “Alright, yeah, hm.” That kind of thing, and
grooming themselves. So, hyper-accentuated grooming when you seem to turn up, alright? I’ve even seen guys walk past, there’s been a hot girl there, she’s obviously interested, and she turns away and
quickly looks in the mirror, or gets her phone out and starts
looking and doing her hair, or just subconsciously touching
it up and playing with it. So it can be either when
she sees him approaching, looking at her look in the mirror, or actually during conversation,
like I was doing just now, more little touches and nervous kind of adjustments to the hair, alright? This can also be done
with the clothes as well, pulling them into shape,
catching her reflection. What she’s basically doing is
making sure she looks hot shit because she finds you attractive and she wants to be at her best. So, be aware that if she has no interest, then subconsciously she
wouldn’t be thinking, mm, how’s my hair? So, usually that is a sign
that she’s feeling your vibes and maybe it’s time to make the move. Okay, number two must be proximity i.e. invading your personal space. Okay, this is especially so when the girl, you might be in a club or
a social atmosphere, okay? If they tend to lean in and
invade that kind of, you know, this kind of distance,
then that’s far too close. As humans, we’re very used to having our own realm of our personal space, and if someone invades
it without permission, or someone you don’t know, you’ll feel threatened instantly, okay? So, it’s actually a very
unnatural thing to do, to move too close to another human being, and if you do invade that small
gap of your personal space, you’re aware of that. You know, if someone does
that to you when you’re on the train or on the bus, you might think, yo, what’s this dude doing? Is he trying to pickpocket me? And if women are doing
that to you as well, they’re aware of it, and they’re subconsciously
and consciously doing it on purpose, to close the
proximity between the two of you so that you’re nearer and
body contact can ensue. So, if you think a lady’s
invading your personal space, she’s probably not
trying to start a fight. She’s probably not trying
to steal your wallet, although she might be,
be careful, alright? She probably likes you, and that’s another sign
you should pick up on and make the move. Okay guys, so, the third sign that a woman may be attracted to you, that
she’s feeling your vibes, has to be her general body language. Okay, so, if a girl’s standing like this, that means she’s closed off. Same with her posture. If she’s standing sideways, away from you, or talking to you from the side, or gets her phone out during conversation, these are all very bad, bad body, these are all very, very
bad body language traits. It shows she’s closed off,
she’s not feeling you, she probably wants you to
get the hell out of her face, and you haven’t got a chance, alright? So if that’s you, get outta here. But if it’s not you, and
she’s doing the following, then she’s probably feeling you. If she’s very open, arms all
over the place, more gestures, as I said earlier, touching the hair, lots of animated movements, that shows she’s feeling your vibe, she’s stepping up her
energy levels to reciprocate that energy you’re giving her, and that’s because she feels
some attraction between you. So, check for body language
before you make the move. Open, happy, energetic body language nearly always symbolizes
some kind of rapport, which means go for it,
Romeo, she could be yours. If she’s all shut off and not feeling it, then, Romeo, hold that thought
’cause she’s not feeling you. Again, the way that
woman makes eye contact is also very telling of
her affections towards you. If she tends to maintain
eye contact for a long time, sort of stare you into the eyes, look away and have wide open eyes, that is a surefire sign she likes you, whereas if she looks away quickly, and whenever you try and make
eye contact, she’ll break it, that is saying, whoa-ho, step away, and she’s not feeling you. So, doe-eyed, wide open eye contact. There’s also a slight turn
of the head which girls trend to do when they’re
finding a guy attractive, this kind of thing. It’s all very coy and it’s
almost seductive, right? So, if you’re getting those
vibes with the eye contact, then she could be yours, buddy. Go for it. Okay, so our next sign that
a woman likes you has to be her responsiveness via
text message, WhatsApp, over social media. I mean, if you don’t know this then, dude, sort your life out ’cause you should do. If she’s giving you one word answers, if she’s taking an hour to
reply or two days to reply, she’s saying, whoa, I
don’t want to offend you but I’m not interested romantically, you’re in the friend zone,
or even less than that, I’m just being polite. So, how can you tell if she
is feeling you, alright, via text, social media? If she’s replying all the time, if she’s using lots of smiley faces, if she’s bringing
something, another element, to the conversation, she’s
asking your experience, she’s telling jokes, she’s
investing in the conversation and she’s replying rapidly, that is a definite sign
that she likes you. If she’s not doing all those things, then she’s probably saying,
look, I don’t want to offend you but take a step back because very soon, I’m going to stop texting
you back altogether. Okay, so, finally, our
fifth and final sign that a woman may be attracted to you, that she likes you, she
thinks you’re a hot guy, has got to be general touching, alright? So, body contact, okay? Often guys will do this to women and women will be really repelled. Oh God, he’s touching me, he’s
trying to, you know, oh God, he’s trying to, he’s
flirting with me, right? Men always do that
because it’s usually men who are the ones pursuing women, alright? Our sociological gender
roles say that we’re the guys trying it, trying to
take them the whole time. If a woman does this, it’s very telling. When a man does it, much more
obvious, he likes the girl. All guys like hot girls,
it’s not hard, right? It’s not rocket science. Whereas when a woman likes
you, she’s much more coy, so she does start to
invade your personal space, when, if you tell a joke, she laughs, or if you tease her, she says, (in a high voice) “Oh, stop it,” and gives you a little punch
or something like that. General body contact. Laughing when you touch her. If there’s something sad, she says, (in a high voice) “Oh,”
and gives you a hug, or pats you on the shoulder. All these little things are
not a coincidence, right? She doesn’t do that to a
man she’s not attracted to. Men do it to women all the time. Women do it much more exclusively to men they find attractive and whomever they feel comfortable with. So, be aware of those signs. Is she making body contact in the situations which
I have just been through? If she is, there’s a good chance that she could be attracted to you. Okay, gents, so that was it, five signs that a woman may like you, she may be attracted to you. If you’re reading those signs properly, then you too could have
a hot date this Friday. You too? What do you mean, you too? There’s no Bono here. What am I sharing shit about? U2, it’s a band. You too, I don’t even
have a date this Friday. Ppt! Anyway, it’s Make Me That Guy, I’m Ollie. Be sure to like, subscribe,
leave us a comment, repost the video if I
didn’t chat too much shit, and there’s plenty more fire
coming from the camp very soon.

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