9 Simple But Very Effective First Date Tips For Men… Never Experience A First Date Disaster Again

hey training docker hey guys so in this video I’m going to talk about first dates so the first thing is when you actually get the number let’s try and make it solid so just thirty seconds on that when you meet her you know have your conversation get the number all of that stuff but try and do some things find out her kind of plans for the next week or so when she’s free and if possible try and nail down the date the place the time the day everything in that initial meeting so you don’t have to send me messages Richard you know what do I texture she doesn’t reply and all that you know so that you don’t have any flakes so that you’re going to get on that first date when you actually get on the first date you need to do things so that it goes smoothly it’s not boring and my advice is different to a lot of guys now if you’re a day gamer things might be a little bit different because you’re doing most of your game where you’re not really including a lot of the elements of the pickup if you’re a night gamer you probably do a lot of seduction and attraction stuff if you’re doing day game you might not be working that in and that can be a problem for a lot of guys where things just stale out they never have that sexual interest going on and it can be a problem so we get to the point where is the first date you could go for a daytime date these are harder they require more in terms of conversation and interest you don’t have the help of alcohol and music and interesting places in terms of you know busy bars and places where there’s a lot to see in the environment so it puts more emphasis on the interaction if you’re comfortable talking to girls and you’re already all set then it’s no problem going for the daytime dates but I would suggest that if you do it’s nice to do things like go for a walk and things where you’ve got things to talk about where you’re not just sat in a boring coffee shop and it’s just entirely about the conversation if you want to prepare if you need a little bit of help in my book I give a bunch of interesting questions so you could ask her you know she likes traveling and then you could ask her an interesting question like if you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow where would it be or you could say talking a little bit about childhood and you could say what did you want to be when you were growing up you know when you’re a young girl so you can prepare a few questions so that if you do run out of things to say you’ve got something to fall back on when it comes to the actual date it’s very important the first few seconds set the tone so you can meet her and say oh hey how are you let’s go over here like that and you can be awkward but it would be really good to actually meet her you take hands you say oh wow you look you really look great today nice to see you like them and you give her a kiss on the cheek and then when you take her you’re leaving her you put your arm around her you go arm in arm or you take her hand when you cross roads and things like that when you open the door you’ve got your hand on the small of the back leading her in and you’re setting the frame there is a date you know it’s not friends meeting so really quickly creating that sexual interest I often see you know I’m sitting in a restaurant or a coffee shop and I see people that obviously on first dates and it’s really awkward because they’re sitting opposite each other and they’re not comfortable the body language is not comfortable and you see that he runs out of stuff to say and he’s got this kind of nervous smile and she’s uncomfortable and it’s a disaster so what I try to do pretty much every time is to meet a go in the nighttime you want to go you want to have some cocktails or drinks find interesting places and stuff going on if she likes live music if she likes cocktails if she likes wine whatever it is and you choose a place where there’s something interesting ideally you go on that night the week before or earlier that evening and you scope it out you make sure there’s got a free space that’s comfortable you want to kind of couch like this you don’t want to be sitting on uncomfortable chairs you want to place where the music is not pounding Li loud you want a place where you can find a spot where you don’t have to stand at the bar etc so do your homework and figure out where the places if you’re seeing opposite it’s a lot more awkward if you’re side to side by side you can do things where I’m quite lazy so of course I can keep the conversation going you know for an hour with no problem but I like it when we’re sitting side by side and I can just chill out a minute and I can around the room I drink my drink look over there if my phone you know I get a message that I’ll excuse me a second I’ll just reply to this and you’ve got this this time when you’re just showing very comfortable in your relaxed and she gets to just relax in your presence if you’re face to face and you know you like to not look her in the eye and I’ll run out of stuff to say it makes you more self-conscious and it’s tougher to do that you can just also talk about things in the environment you’re watching people dance or walk around if you’re sitting you know on a place like outside in the street or if you’re doing something like maybe you’re smoking shisha again all of these things the things that kind of take the pressure off and if you’re someone that’s not entirely comfortable in the conversation it will really help on the first date you want to include a few elements so you need to get to know her better you need to use some connection stuff it’s great if you can make a laugh a little bit but really the most important thing for me is that feeling of being relaxed so there should be times when you’re talking and then you just stop and it’s cool and no-one’s uncomfortable everyone’s relaxed and there should be some times where you know the conversation just naturally breaks and you just look around the room and you’re basically very quickly creating that kind of situation that you’d have only after many months of knowing ago where you’re just completely relaxed with each other of course at some point in the day is time to escalate things and it can start with what we’ve got now with you know just our legs touching it could progress to me just rest in my hand there or having some arm to arm touching you could do something funny like you can do that old-school thing with you all the time you know like that but you do it in a funny way of course so it works you can do something where maybe you’re talking and if you sense this on you can take her hand and you can put it on on your leg and then keep your hand there at some point you know you want to always keep things escalating but the way to escalate is not to think too much about the actual touches and where you’re touching her best to think about sexual tension and the number way the number one way to generate that is just from time to time you have those moments where you just stop and you look at her and you could stroke her on the you know neck as you’re doing that you go and set her lips and then you break it and you carry on and maybe you go to you know saying something funny or whatever and then you go back to doing that and you’re sensing how how interested she is in pretty much hundred percent of cases is going to be acceptable to give her a kiss on the cheek and I’ve noticed I often do that you know is the first thing before I kiss so properly so I might even just do it without saying anything I just give her a kiss on the cheek and then a little kind of reassuring rub on the back she’s not going to go how could you dare touch them is something that is socially acceptable because a lot of people just kiss each other on the cheek when they meet but in the situation of the date it communicates sexual interest so you’ve got the pauses you kiss her on the cheek you’ve got this kind of touch and again you just want to feel that the sexual tensions there and then you can act on it when you like so you know when it’s time to actually go and kiss her if she’s cool with you touching her here and she’s cool with you touching her on the cheek and you’re getting closer like that and you’re at a point where you’re about this close you’re going to be fine from that point going for the kiss again if you want to invite her back to the house on the first date I’ve got another video on YouTube about that but you could just say let’s go somewhere else and you end up at your house I’ve got all the ways to do that in the other video it’s up to you if you want to do it on the first day or not but if you’re already in a bar in the nighttime it’s going to be a much better situation to try that than if you’re in the daytime in a coffee shop so there you have it guys some brief tips on first dates and I hope you find them useful and see you soon a training doctor

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