Dating Tips for Socially Awkward Guys!

so we’ve got a piece of viewer mail from unfortunately way back in the day that got run down years ago so uh some viewer mail that has to do with some advice that student wants so a student wrote to us he wants to know considering his social awkwardness how we should go about approaching women we’re gonna read his uh anonymous letter for you it says I’m a little bit of a socially awkward person I’ve never had a physical girlfriend never kissed anyone the only time I got close to a date was when I asked a girl to homecoming we went to turn terrible because of my social awkwardness and the fact real dating was foreign to me are the only relationships I’ve had were long-distance some work some didn’t but now I really need to date or else I’ll explode in several different fashions uh can you do story on how to approach women to ask them on dates oh I apologize for fact it took us so long to actually get around to answering me hopefully but you’re still watching even though I didn’t answer your question yeah maybe he’s in a relationship now but if he’s not we’re gonna provide some advice so he’s socially awkward he feels uncomfortable approaching women I think this is something that’s becoming increasingly common you are a woman what advice because I’m gonna say you are socially awkward like now that was social evolution men like me on the show all the time no what would you say to I think that um I’m assuming that this person is in high school or maybe early college years and I think you know don’t feel bad just because you haven’t had a date or a kiss up to this point I’ve talked to and – and friends with a new a lot of people this is like oh I’ve plenty of friends Oh I personally am hoping to kiss someone someday yeah um no but I think that a lot of people actually don’t have their first kiss until later in high school or or or early in college maybe not a lot but a fairly time I personal experience that bears out but I think that I think that more people are getting it on in high school that we might get hurt a lot of people are but I’d also think there’s a fair amount who you know never really have a boyfriend or girlfriend until they go off to college so I think don’t feel like you’re the only person either certainly are other people in the same boat so I think that should at least give you kind of a little bit of relief to know that when you’re approaching these women maybe they’re in the same boat that you are it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re way more you know sexually experienced that you are or something like that or way more and or experiencing relationships exactly and I think that and you kind of brought this up about confidence a lot with going to college but um don’t assume that somebody’s more confident than you are that you they could be just as as nervous or socially awkward as you are and so um just kind of almost like act like take on a personality and say you know what I’m gonna act like this confident person and act like that person until you actually become that person I think you know John’s talked about like you you’re hoping somebody in the dorms is gonna ask you to hang out you go be that person that goes around with the volleyball and says hey we’re getting a volleyball game together so I think you know just don’t stress about it don’t make a big deal just I think casually start talking to girls and I think it’ll kind of come about naturally and you can just doesn’t have to be like oh my gosh just ask you question like well things like oh hey you’re a lot of fun we should just go grab like you sometime and then the only way that you’re that you’re gonna learn is is by trying and I know that that that’s easy to say for the people who don’t try it’s because they don’t want to be rejected and all that but understand that that you’re in college there’s so many people like people worried that like this is the person I like I’ll ask them out if they reject me be devastated but you know like someone else later on there’s so many people you know move to different city like consider these people practice like then it’s a little bit cold-hearted but that’s the way you gotta get out there and practice um now I’m also gonna give you some advice on the interesting thing is that humans kind of we we all want a kinda similar thing like the people who are considered attractive I think there’s some variation like not everybody has the exact same type but we all want a similar thing we all picture cells being with the same sort of people I think in general and if you are socially awkward but you’re still hoping to land a model or you know like the cheerleader or something I think that you’re you’re hurting your chances you’re undercutting yourself like there are I probably thanks to the influence of the internet something that there’s a lot of social awkward women to try to approach them in person or online like there are certainly lots of campus clubs and things like that that don’t necessarily attract you know the the big man on campus and cheerleaders like me people are in a similar experience levels you and I think you brought up a good point about practice to which is if you do have a huge crush on somebody maybe ask out somebody else that you don’t really like because then if they shoot you down not really a big deal and if they say yes then that’s great you get the practice of dating it doesn’t have to be anything serious you don’t to break anybody’s hearts in the process just go on a few fun casual dates and who knows maybe you’ll actually end up really liking them yeah yeah um so those are those are a few bits of advice that we have thankfully the Internet is is sprinkled with all sorts of relationship advice is something that we come back to every once in a while but I’m really glad that we got that bit of your mail we’ll try in the future to have a quicker turnaround time on receiving the letter and responding to it send us a letter today and we’ll get there in December yeah if you’re still around leave a comment also if you have advice or if this is something that you’ve grappled with and hopefully made some progress in over the course of college as I think I was able to make some progress in provide some advice in the comments I’m sure that you’d appreciate it you can always make progress just cuz you’re socially awkward now doesn’t mean you’re socially awkward for dinner and if not someday sex robots or someday I’ll have a super sexy coho that yeah totally it’s almost like being in a relationship just more crying after the show ends and less benefit

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