First Date Tips For Men | 4 Mind Blowing Dating Tips in 3 Minutes)

be risque don’t be afraid to talk about subjects that are taboo and ask really emotionally provoking questions when a woman’s on a date with you she doesn’t want you to go oh here’s my CV oh look I see I told you I’m fun because I went here and it’s fun she doesn’t want any of that what she wants to do is feel and experience you so by asking provoking questions and talking about provoking subject it’s gonna elicit something that she hasn’t felt with other guys she’s gonna be like wow this guy’s audacious he’s daring so avoid the typical where are you from questions or how was your work day no Oscar questions like how many people have you had sex with or what’s the craziest thing that you’ve done in the past month tell me something naughty that you’ve done these are some of the questions that are gonna get hub pulse racing and she’s gonna be immersed in the experience of this date with you my next tip is avoid trying to do all the talking I know you want to show off how charismatic you are and how awesome you are and how much you’ve got to say and all these great stories but when you’re on a date with a woman she wants to invest in you and we invest in other people by talking and sharing our experiences and that’s what makes us feel closer to them so if you’re one of these people that’s like all got all these interesting amazing things okay let them come out naturally but you don’t need to force them on her okay so my second tip is let her talk aussies thought-provoking questions these emotional questions and then just sit back and let her emotionally invest in you my next tip is take her to a place where you feel like King maybe you know the bar stop maybe you know the bartender the doorman the bouncer wherever it is or maybe you know the art in this particular museum really well wherever you feel super comfortable and relaxed because that’s just going to unlock all of this really sexy body language that she’s going to be drawn to you’re gonna be sayin stuff and eliciting your true self because this is going to be an environment where you are really rely and comfortable so my third tip go to a place where you feel like king my fourth tip be direct in asking for another day don’t beat around the bush don’t wait till two days later because you feel like oh you’ve got to make her want it and chase it that doesn’t work anymore that’s an antiquated idea be direct if you enjoy it say hey what are you up to next weekend there’s this cool movie I want to take you on our show leadership qualities that going to show her this guy is something else so those are my four tips on how to have an amazing first day risque conversation take her to a place where you feel like king let her emotionally invest and be direct when asking for another day this is Michael Valmont post your thoughts on having a great first date in the comments section below I’d love to hear your thoughts and as always I’ll see you very very soon

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