How To Date A Shy Guy

hey it’s mark here founder of making yours and creator of the find love in five step system today we’re discussing shy guys I assure you I actually used to be one so I know a bit about this topic how do you go about dating and even getting into a relationship with a guy he’s really shy today I’m going to explain exactly how you can do it stick around hello and welcome to my video today and we are talking shy guys I often get asked by women how do you go about dating a guy that’s quite are who keeps to himself a bit more but who does seem very genuine and sweet so they ask me things such as how can I make things happen with him and it is a great question because as I said in the intro some shy guys make fantastic partners they’re often loyal and caring and many are just waiting for the right girl to come along but there are challenges with dating shy guys shyness is a form of anxiety and you have to understand that and decide whether this is the right characteristic for you to have in a man first thing you want to do is avoid the biggest mistake women make with shy guys and that is confusing them with regular guys who just aren’t that into you when you think about it’s kind of easy I mean shy guys don’t talk to you disinterested guys usually don’t talk to you but when you go more into detail it gives it it usually gives it away so trust your intuition with this one but look if you’re still not sure here’s a few little tips for you to tell a part a shy guy from a maybe disinterested guy so shy guys may not talk to you but they’ll either be enthusiastic or kind of awkward when you talk to them whereas a disinterested guy is just disinterested right shy guys also will never hit you up for sex so if he’s hitting you up for sex he’s not really shy all right and number three shy boys friends or people who know him will usually tell you he’s interested whereas a disinterested guys friends obviously they won’t say anything at all so there’s a few ways to tell a shy guy apart from a guy who’s actually just kind of disinterested but let’s say you’re now confident you like mark here’s a shy guy I’ve ticked the boxes I’m sure what the hell do I do now well step two you get into the more difficult part of potentially dating a shy guy and that is you you are going to have to start making some of the moves yourself and this is where a lot of women struggle with shy guys so look depending on his level of shyness you are going to have to get comfortable making some or even all of the move yourself and you now see why it was so important to make sure he was a shy guy otherwise this is you just making a lot of moves on a guy that’s just not that into you and look the fact is when you make all the moves on a guy part of you is still probably going to feel a little bit like desperate or needy but you’re not but that’s how it might feel sometimes because you’re kind of doing a bit more of the chasing yourself which is soft and something the man would do so ask him out if he’s positive and he seems to enjoy it you might have to ask him out again and again you might have to be the one who kisses him and look if he’s really shy you might have to be the one that leads him to the bedroom but if you can handle all of that he could make a great partner for you it looks step three of the whole process is just keep monitoring his responses see see what he does again you don’t want to be like the desperate girl or anything so his responses to your moves should always be positive the moment he gets negative or funny or starts turning you down that’s when it’s time to dial things back and leave sort of the ball a bit more in his court so look in summary shy guys aren’t for everyone they’re not for every girl but if you’re okay making many or even all of the moves yourself you might find yourself a great partner in a shy guy so just make sure that he’s appreciating your efforts and he’s not using you for them well look thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video if you want to learn more about how to date particular types of men make sure to click the link in the description below you receive my free report on the 10 male dating personalities that can lead to heartbreak so this report discusses all the common male dating personalities so that you know what they are and exactly how to handle them and even spot them early now don’t forget to subscribe to the channel as well using the button that will post just here so you get all my new stuff straight away and give the video a thumbs up and a comment if you enjoyed so look thanks again for watching and I can’t wait to talk to you in another video very soon

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