What Are The Best Dating Tips For Men in Their 40s

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basically a cautionary tale was watching up for baby rabies because that can really ruin guys so in today’s video I’m going to be talking about 40 tips and basically first thing I want to get into is I’m going to tell you a quick story about a dinner party I was at with a bunch of friends and their wives were there and I was recently I guess what was it recently use about 6 or 7 months after I broke up with somebody and they were asking me about you know setting me up with people and so forth and I learned the concept of what these women called the six sixes and it was new to me at the time this may be new to you fellas as well right now but if you just sit back and relax I’ll explain it to you so what the six sixes are that these women look for and these are women that deem themselves to be high value high caliber and they look for this resource of traits and men as well now granted a lot of the women that were in the room they weren’t you know very high up in the scale but this is what most women look forward to see a basic idea so six sixes are at least six feet tall a six-figure income kind of remember them now 600 horsepower car I care why that matters but I guess signal something six inches in the pants and I think it was six months out of a relationship so that’s what women are looking for it’s granted I never slept with any of my friends wives or anything so much or why they thought I had six inches in the pants but ladies would know they know but that’s what they’re looking for so you know they set fairly high standards hypergamy again so let’s kind of talk a little bit more about hyper getting your high forgive me however you want to pronounce it but they always looking to marry up they always look to get the better deal they always look for the security so you know you could be you know the successful lawyer doctor accountant an entrepreneur order what whatever you are but you meet me you know the typical woman that you’re going to meet around this age is usually going to be divorced or have kids from a prior relationship or marriage most of them anyway and then they’re going to be doing more basic type of jobs from my experience anyways what I’ve come across things like early childhood educator hair and makeup artist I don’t know why women think that’s a job hairstylists government workers you know things like that basic you know down here basically and what ends up happening is they kind of skip along down over here and along comes you know super dude they meet with the six sixes and things change from they go way up here and then they continue on until something maybe falls apart or doesn’t work out in that relationship and then there’s a heartbreak but not thought about after that you could be liable for their lifestyle going forward after a heartbreak even though they were down here when you met them you might be responsible to make sure that carries on so women always look for that better deal to marry up that you know the high program is nature that’s in them it’s a feminine imperative there’s also the very significant problem of many women in their 40s that are looking to be saved they know that they had the peak of the special market place value and they’re starting to decline and the term that they use they don’t want to waste the pretty whatever don’t waste a pretty girl on him because you can find somebody else you know go for it sort of thing so what does that mean at least they’re pretty well a good buddy of mine that I had met for the first time about 10 years ago would have a conversation and he was telling me about you know when he was in his forties he was tired of dating women that were tired of being saved I said what do you mean well I explained it now scare I can think of several stories of women that I’ve met in the last five years okay let’s use the NACA news name but let’s use this example moved up from South Florida was interior designer wanted to rebuild a life in the Toronto area so she moves up with their kit of course has full custody made some really bad decisions in the guy that you met at the time when she had the kid with and was looking for I guess you know the white knight captain save-a-ho whatever does he want to call it but she was looking for that better deal okay along comes rich as shit together and she kind of starts sniffing things out now this woman needed to be saved on a grand scale I had full custody of her child which implies guys that if things don’t work out in your in a long-term relationship to live in type of scenario or anything close to that you could be financially responsible for her and the child over a longer term basis ending on where you live how long you’d live together so that’s a big risk factor the other problem is she’s living here doesn’t have a job didn’t have any immediate prospects for a job I don’t know why she went out and leased a brand new BMW truck but the other problem she had you know she’s one of these liberal type of feminist women that start telling you what to do I remember we had a conversation two dates in and she started talking about bucket list yeah I got a bucket list as well let me see it so she starts going through it and I remember she said something to me like all you can’t do number 17 I’m thinking myself what’s number 17 I haven’t even won it was something like hunt and harvest a large-animal North Americans on my bucket list I’m going to do it I’m not going to have anybody tell me what I can and can’t do in my life you know by the time you get to this age guys you should be at the point where you won’t compromise your value system your belief system you know any bucket list items you might have you want to cross off they’re important too for anybody including a woman anyway there was enough bad stuff it was already happening where enough red flag to shut up that that was like that’s it I’m done you know for five days and we’ll see you later see ya man if you come up with a whole bunch of examples poof here’s another one this was good woman okay needed to be saved big time 44 years old stunningly beautiful looked like Sandra Bullock okay beautiful face reasonably fit body the killer was she had 32 Triple D real boots not fake real boobs off the chart anyway if you’re a guy like me they like boobs a bum you’ll feel you know you’re probably smiling too right now but anyway she need to be saved on a huge level two kids was was married prior one was a special needs kid I can’t remember who is autistic or something along that line with somewhere on a spectrum that required of a lot of special work and an ex-husband which she said was still living in the house sleeping on the couch part-time I suspect more like full-time and then she started throwing things at me like a few dates then like I need help with this and I don’t know how to fix this car repair and I had an accident basically you know she’s looking for Captain save-a-ho so you need to be very very clear guys at this age if you’re a high value high status guy that has six sixes that many women look for to filter out the women that are looking to be saved Lehi Pergamus women you know the best piece of advice my lawyer gave me when I met up with them and we had lunch about a month ago you’re talking about a whole bunch of things that I really wanted him to come on and do like a sort of like a live broadcast and give his best tips for men so they could avoid problems in the future but I didn’t want to alienate half his clientele so I get that part but he basically told me you never want to date on a serious level down meaning if you’re you know CEO entrepreneur you don’t date on a serious level the hairdresser or the makeup artist or the early childhood educator a lot of the women that are out there the dating pool right now in fact because you want to you want to date around the same level on an intellectual level and especially on an economic level because if things don’t work out government tends to and this is in Canada I’m talking about but I know that a lot of you guys this will echo and resonates very similar around the world government state will try to equalize things like I said start off down over here and you can keep you know trying to maintain their life across here even if there’s a harder in scenarios like that so he goes you know the best way to avoid that is you know you basically only consider dating something at a serious level and they’re at the same level of you so whatever it is that you’re at don’t date down guys a lot of us are pretty dumb people they’re dicks too much and you know women will like some women know how to play it down a little let’s be honest here they know how to play don’t they know how to manipulate the man cuz they know what you like but if you tuned in your intuition and you know yourself know thyself they say and if you know thyself you know it’s fine if you want to date them and they kind of sniff them out and if you’re going to sleep with them whatever you know you’re kind of figuring it out but if you recognize red flags or going up early on and you’re going to want to have a heartbreak you’re not going to want to keep you know dicking around with the whole idea or notion that you can fix them or that you can save them don’t go and play captain save-a-ho that never ends out well talk to any family lawyer that’s practiced family law for any given time and they’ll tell you the exact same thing it never works out well for the guys and there’s a number of men that have been financially destroyed by choosing the wrong woman by marrying down just because they’re pretty and remember sexual Marketplace value fellas we can continues decline to click check the card on the top right of the screen where I talked about SMB in the past it does decline quicker for women than what it does for men so just be aware of those things those are my best tips for you guys in your 40s I want to hear your comments 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