The Nightly Show – Panel – Black Women & Dating

okay welcome back I want to get more into relationships and the unique challenges that black women may face but first up here’s another clip that I want to show locale sorry-ass husband well I said don’t marry couldn’t keep his paeans pants but it’s that with a white woman then foo goes and kills the white one okay now I apologize for showing these obscure clips that was from a show called how to go away with murder I don’t know if you ladies have seen another one the brochure but they’re talking about interracial dating you know and if I wanted to ask you brothers because you brought this up in your book you have some funny things to say about this do you feel that’s a unique challenge and as a black woman in dating I say that black women and Asian men are at the bottom of the dating totem pole nobody won it is true like ask ask around okay but the dating the day totem pole where at the bottom go to go to max calm go to anyway and you’ll see the least chosen is people say the Rondon please what I’m hinder they don t where they tell you there’s this antistick but I do say that the more educated the black women tend to go in and this is speaking from my own college college experience my friends and I my girlfriends and I would find that the guys the pool of guys was so limited and it was they knew that they were a catch they knew they were educated they were in jail they didn’t have kids so they were like we have options so work for us and that made it unappealing right so we tend to either you know it isolated so isolated and feel like discouraged from pursuing I guess the black love and Jackie I know you’ve been pretty public about your dating travails you don’t have a marry and you are you are an educated woman right they say what are some of the obstacles from your point of view on this I’m with dating each enter racially yeah I think well for me I mean I think that the numbers for a website like are kind of skewed because I think a lot of black people don’t go there so they’re polling people that aren’t necessarily showing up um you know because I love the chui book it shows like scandal and how to get away with murder and other shows out there and black women are dating and originally and very desired um that’s business yeah that’s out there is attracting us out there as attractive and I don’t I don’t think we ever were not attractive but I think but do you feel like there’s a small pool of candidates if you want to stay within your race if you want it I do I do I feel like quality you know and I have standards people want to say that I’m picky but I have standards and I think finding a and I think there’s nothing wrong with that but I think finding a quality black man is like finding a 100 dollar bill on the sidewalk in midtown Manhattan if it’s there it’s not gonna stay there long and I’ll give you a quick example I had a girl right cuz the black men now are on Twitter they listen this guy went to college with he’s a doctor he just got divorced I want to hook you two up and she was like you know I’m gonna do some home and try to get in touch I said no no call him now and she was like she’s like well call him later in the week that went that hundred dollar bill to blow and you know what she said alright alright I’ll call him now she called him and called me back and said he’s already see the other body hilarious that marina do you make jokes about you make jokes about dating like guys though yeah you get shit for that I mean well yeah I’m you know I’m on YouTube you can go and see it and uh I talk about dating white men and it’s not like I’m excluding dating black men but for some reason they focus in on that I don’t want to date black men like my younger white boyfriend that I’m currently seeing oh my god you sittin in my yellow emphasis on do you like if you want to just go young I would hamburgers here cuz Christina you’re married both you and your husband at phd’s right so you’re sitting here all braggy and gloating say this I just you know I want to make sure people don’t think that black men are unicorns either exactly there are plenty there is there are some you know and maybe you know my thought process when I talk to listen everyone comes with the comes with some assembly required I’m not saying it great and so sometimes it can be a few batteries here and there sometimes it is a model airplane kit with no instruction it depends on what you feel you want to do do be and how much effort you want to put in do you think it makes a difference staying in your racist hangout I don’t think there’s anything wrong with somebody wanting to date or be with somebody like them unless you’re wait then it’s racist so I’m fairly like Blackmun and Friends Amana we’ve been guilty of seeing like black men date outside their race and you give them a slide you guys get black little heart Maggie and get black women a heart and that won’t watch scandal because of that cause Kerry Washington’s character in the vault with the white man and I was saying I’m never watching it black woman with a white man or with a someone outside the race I tend to be like girl you get it you try we have to also again think historically right we know as a fact that in this country black boys that in third grade that’s when teachers start to fear them and they get trapped in remedial and all of a sudden they are a threat to their teacher their threat to their classmate actually we’re starting this bit right there you got a whole lot of sociological yeah reasons what especially when you’re talking about class because you’re talking about education of some people never get to be candidates cuz of that vicious cycle yeah and that sort of things and that’s a whole that’s a much longer conversation but I’m gonna come back to the whole bossy thing that we mentioned earlier does that touch a nerve absolutely sure dad why does that touch a nerve because it’s who’s saying it it’s it’s bossiness and goes with the attitude that they say black women have and it’s really in the eye of the beholder right right the reason you say a black woman has an attitude or is bossy is probably because you’ve done something wrong okay Larry Marina is like ten times back at what she’s talking about more so we’re just talking about her white brave a really big blue go ahead Jackie people people want to look at black women and say that we’re bossy but in actuality we have vision and we see things like my boss in it you to you I’m being bossy but I’m trying to give you help about something that you don’t think you need help about so you think you don’t want that help I’m just trying to help you that’s not bossy that’s how what you think it is this boss oh yeah the reason why bossy strengthen sure because you know as someone who has to advocate for herself constantly right in a patriarchal white supremacist country right / Society that’s one and – barfy is one of these words where if you’re educating your black in your articulate mm-hmm and if yes those were then is it’s a backhanded and our ticket the back yes and the fact of the matter is we all know the black families were torn apart for many reasons starting with slavery and women had to take the lead they had to be assertive on all those things so I don’t think black women should be penalized for it I get the last word in that right we’ll be right hey America follow the nightly show with Larry Wilmore on Twitter but don’t follow me home I want followers but I don’t want followers that stop

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