You Know You are Dating a COLOMBIAN Woman When…

hey mom you are so carrion thing let’s dance I can’t at all like no like people leave when I start dancing it’s like one of those things okay oh do you want me to maybe um behalf of it sure yeah you know what I got it where do you want to do tonight what you think I’m easy you think I’m like her McCoy but I get I think I’m on the past I piscano Camino is no pero tu no puede estar a punt on de cualquier time a Nando infinera me canosa’s bueno como se la mommy si le cose nel her a Palazzo patrol Encanto super Encantada kami p.m. ether mana Miren dos segundos oh okay she uncertainty well uh Gloria oh you’re coming to visit oh you’re already here yeah I heard that baby what are you doing who is she what are you doing why are you liking her picture that’s what you like blonde girls with big boobs I mean I’m sorry was not that way I have black hair and I thought that’s what you like are you cheating on me you’re cheating on me do my thing and okay Otello de todos de cocinero frescoes in eso pase presenter Ramona to be behind Ania inverter to be behind yeah you’re cheating on me you get up We Live Together hey guys I’m marina I hope you like the video about dating the Colombian woman the italian man is coming up next due to popular suggestions from you subscribe a lot with your subscriber thank you and keep on watching and like the video and share it with your friends en espanol gracias por el videos creo que le me gusta comparte la vie Mucha Gracia no bueno pronto ciao mommy I can’t

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