You Know You are Dating a ROMANIAN Woman When…

[Music] [Music] you need help with that I’m good [Music] [Music] I’m sorry to bother you up you happen to have salt okay yeah I I need it because I’m making a Romanian dish it’s Co mamaliga Montini yeah it’s made out of malai is like whatever but anyway so I’m it’s this this ball we make them to a ball and we make it as a soft or hard horrible like I like it hard I like it hard okay really yes would you like to try it I can bring you some work or even come up if you want to try it that’s okay legs doesn’t bother me okay you can come awesome okay sure do it [Music] like when you go I don’t know it’s great okay have some sauce [Music] thank you no sorry nothing else all good Christmas I’ve already had so much we try right yeah it’s great mm-hmm I put lettuce cucumbers thanks are there me yeah it’s all right why don’t you take a woman man yeah I love [Music] seriously Casilla great ninja hi I ask you how are you my god nice to finally meet you you too hello I’ve heard something good things about you thank you we gotta go now because a little bit of work for it okay let’s get together let’s get the gun we’ll do that yeah hey Richard thank you hey hi keep good I don’t know I think you got chemistry good good it’s just this one thing that drives me nuts like okay the other day I found them too tight me you can use pliers I’ll find this at whatever your local hardware is or you can do it tap it off in this case I’m good yeah I know I just I wish it could be more like [Music] Oh [Music] No hold on girl now wait a minute I’ve got something to say you should hear it so happy to make time oh you think unless you have two with me oh let’s just break it down here when we cut down dancing on the round hole dug girl now wait a minute I’ve got something to say hey guys I hope you enjoyed the video I know love your remaining you’ve been asked for this a long time so we need to have a lesson which we think in the comments below subscribe to our YouTube channel for more digging around world and support from nature in a Romanian whenever guys who may who works in lexicography do not have to be Jewish typically thank you guys and Phoenix keep on breaking down under five hours [Music]

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