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TERRIBLE Teen Dating Advice!

not what are we even doing it so I thought that I’ll come up here give you a little dating advice because I know you need it after what how I though it was devastating I know what happened I don’t need any much from you I’m JV jump and then all your girl no

Dating: Teens Vs. Adults

okay so I borrowed my brother’s car I don’t have soccer patterns feel I got another 40 minutes so we could probably go up to the hill like make out 4:30 okay yeah yeah you want to go make out inside yeah cool what do we need all have a savings account are you a


hi I’m Erin and I’m Jack and today we’re getting tips let’s start with the guys first off don’t be yourself be the kind of guy that she wants you to be second be yourself and third pretend to care girls love that okay honey your turn listen up ladies if his name is Jack

Ellen’s Got Great Dating Tips

– Is anybody on a hot date tonight? Anybody got a–Yeah? Oh. [cheers and applause] Portia and I are not doing anything special tonight, but I do know a thing or two about dating, and I thought I’d give you some advice. I brought some visual aides with me. Unfortunately they’re all from the season