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How To Date A Shy Guy

hey it’s mark here founder of making yours and creator of the find love in five step system today we’re discussing shy guys I assure you I actually used to be one so I know a bit about this topic how do you go about dating and even getting into a relationship with a guy

10 Types Of Women To NEVER Date!

[Music] gentlemen today I’m gonna save you a ton of relationship time money and heartache because I’m going over ten types of women you should never date I have identified ten specific types of women that once you identify that you are actually dating one of these tens you should run like your pubes are

Love Advice To My Younger Self

dear my 20 year old self it’s me well you your idea of what is sexy will change drastically hey what about this girl she sings together talk to that girl you’re going to make mistakes they’ll have names some of which you can’t remember but some of these names will be etched into you

Romantic Short Film –

yeah I like it let’s do the South they don’t never get the nude or their butts so Tory wants so degree are right date Faisal aza imperial crown booted was faso compadre Oh Casanova to the Vietnam imperial crown you cannot be hung snail gone steel top me hungry ah so cute Delaney [Music]